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Release notes
  • 2021.w47

    TF Drive
    • Multiple partner roles
    • Choose document type
    Starting from the upcoming release our TransFollow Drive users no longer need to create a partner for every role they want to assign to that partner, we have made it possible to assign multiple roles at the same time when creating a partner. We have also added some extra flexibility to the creating a freight document process using the TransFollow Drive app. From now on it is not the places that determine which document type a created document has, instead it is up to the user which document type will be used (i.e. CMR or Carta de Porte).   TF Portal
    • Download attachment
    Starting from the upcoming release our TransFollow Portal users can download all freight document attachments with one click within the TransFollow Portal.   API/Intents
    • External Id for FD's
    • Optional login expanded
    Also new starting from the upcoming release, is that our integration partners can us their own identifier to retrieve freight documents. Additonally the external identier can now also be used with the sign multiple freight documents intent. Please see our technical documentation for further details. Starting from the upcoming release more intents support the optional login feature we added to the law compliance intent during the last sprint. A full list of supported intents can be found in the technical documentation.
  • 2021.11

    TF App
    • Partner Creation: TF App users can now add their partners through the TF App;
    • Transport Reference / Temperature: Transport reference and/or temperature are displayed during the sign-on-glass process;
    • Change PoD during inspection: Place of delivery can now be changed by carriers during the signing process.
      TF Portal
    • Set availableSigningMethods: set which signing methods the carrier is allowed to use for transports you create.
      TF Connect (API)
    • Submitters can delegate ALL roles.
      All products
    • Tank cleaning status added (i.e. Qualimat): type of cleaning that has been done the last 3 times the tank was cleaned;
    • # languages reduced: English, French, Spanish, Czech, Dutch and German will remain as TF App languages.
  • 2021.10

    • TransFollow Portal - Configure mission workflow: In the TransFollow Portal it is now possible to configure the mission workflow for the TransFollow Drive users. It is possible to set this for all missions and for each individually. There is also a new step to add, check in at security.
    • ID check step: A new step for the workflow to TransFollow Drive is the security check. We enabled a security check on drivers upon arrival at the consignor or consignee by configuration of the freight document. This will be done by using the QR-code scanning to validate the parties.
    • TF Portal: Copy the URL link of the PDF of the freight document to share immediately with other parties.
    • Sub account migration: Creating and assigning a subaccount can now be done in the TransFollow Drive settings. You can create a sub account and easily assign the role in the overview to Driver or Vehicle (truck or trailer). The subaccount will also be presented in the assets.
  • 2021.09

    • TF Drive and PDF: When the submitter of the consignment note only enters the country code, we now also automatically show the name of the country, or the entered value by the submitter.
    • TF Portal: Adding employee codes is now possible in the TransFollow Portal, for the company and the users. A unique QR code is generated from this code that the driver can scan to sign the consignment note. Read more here under ‘(Sub)accounts to use the TransFollow Portal’.
    • TF Portal: It is now also possible to cancel documents.
    • TF Portal: Exciting URL’s that were used before are now redirected to the proper pages or documents, also when the user first has to login.
  • 2021.08

    2.101.10 TF

    • TF Drive: When the mission is not closed automatlcally (after rgistering departure time), this can be done manually by the user.
    • TF Drive: The instructions from the carrier to the driver are now presented on the agreements and instructions section on TF Drive. [CarrierToDriverInstructions]
    • All products: When needed, fax information can also be indicated in the contact details for each role, though the API. [ContactFaxNumber]
  • 2021.07

    3.16.0 APP 1.679.1 API

    • App: Updated User Interface for the location permission due to new Android version 30 (GPS tracking) upon the first login.
    • App: Tare weight are added to the ​Structured Goods ​of type Goods and Dangerous Goods. Total tare weight property has also been added to the Structured goods info on the freight document.
    • App: For a specific user, we enabled a security check on the driver upon arrival at the consignor or consignee by configuration of the freight document. This will be done by using the QR-code scanning to validate the parties.
    • API: It is now possible to add multiple Access Codes for a freight document. ​The submitter can still do this when the document is in Draft while we added the possibility for the carrier to do this in Draft, Issued and Transit through the API.
  • 2021.06

    3.11.3 App 1.666.6 API

    • Add image URL to RTI in the TransFollow App to make the RTI visible
    • Introduction additional employee identification in Company Code Signing
    • Adjust license plate for issued Freigt Document with the TransFollow API
  • 2021.05

    3.7.0 App 1.662.1 API

    • Temperature Inspection in the TransFollow App, now only to enter decimals.
    • Add RTI – When adding Returnable Transport Items it’s now possible, after indicating the first item, to click on ‘Save and add another’ in the TransFollow App
    • Freight Document retrieval technical optimizations to improve our response time
  • 2021.04

    3.4.4 App 1.652.2 API

    • Contact field added to role editing - it is possible to add more contact details of the counter parties whilst creating a freight document in the TransFollow App.
    • SMS unavailable - if no SMS notification is available on the board computer, this possibility is hidden during the signing flow.
    • Email notification sent after goods inspection an notification email to the counterparties after the signing the freight document after inspection of the goods.
    • Subscription/webhook expanded for comments this is also enabled for the use of comments on the level of ‘warning’ or ‘irregularity’ for a connection with our API.

Where can the technical specifications for a connection with TransFollow be found?

There is an integration walkthrough including all technical specifications of TransFollow that can be found on

Whom to contact when needing support?

When you are a user of TransFollow and need support regarding functionalities of the TransFollow App or TransFollow Portal. you can consult our instruction videos or get in contact with your (local) partner. As a software provider with an active or potential integration with TransFollow, you can contact our support team by sending an e-mail to

How is my data being protected in TransFollow?

eCMRs naturally contain a lot of sensitive information, that is not supposed to be seen or used by any party not directly involved in the transport. When using TransFollow, each eCMR is only visible to the accounts that are linked to it, which means that no third party has access to the information stored on it. Also, TransFollow does not use any data provided by the users for commercial purposes.

How can I submit feedback to TransFollow?

We very much appreciate your feedback on the TransFollow App and TransFollow Portal and its functionalities as well as our technical support as it helps us to further improve our services. Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to