One App to exchange on all transport operations

Not yet equipped with a FMS solution? TransFollow has developed TransFollow Drive as a handy, integrative mobile application that enables your drivers to manage their daily missions and to share all relevant information in real time with your back-office.

Equip your drivers with TransFollow Drive and let them visualize, update and sign all your digital freight transport documents. Manage and capture relevant transports’ events through a customizable workflow. Enable GPS tracking to locate your trucks in real time. Push alerts when transport exceptions occur. All captured information is available in real time for your back-office, enhancing its efficiency and predictability!

They’re already connected:

How it works

A steady road companion for your drivers

Developed for  your drivers, TransFollow Drive accompanies you at every step of your transport operations and enables your drivers to:

  • Receive daily missions and capture all relevant transports’ events through a tailor made workflow for every driver.
  • Enable GPS tracking to share in real time the trucks’ position with your back-office.
  • Push alerts when transport exceptions occur.
  • Access and manage all digital freight transport related documents (eCMR).
  • Add observations and attach pictures.
  • Update quantity and type of Returnable Transport Items.
  • Prepare and share consignment notes with authorities.

A mission-led mobile application to facilitate exchanges at every step of the way.

Inclusive and Collaborative

Whether your partners are digitalized or not, with TransFollow, you can all benefit from real time exchanges: our mobile app is accessible to all with a simple download, so that the entire chain of partners can exchange transport data smoothly.

Intuitive and Mission-centric

We focus on your missions rather than on paperwork or softwares systems: once logged-in to TransFollow Drive, your drivers can share in real time information with your back-office managers.

Proactive and Efficiency-driven

Our solution works for you and with you. It simplifies administration, reduces costs, streamlines transport and facilitates quality control to help you perform more efficient and predictable transport operations. Both online and offline

About 100 drivers and sub-contractors in the Benelux are using the TransFollow Drive app on their smartphone on a daily basis. Now, our biggest challenge is to work completely paperless. With TransFollow, we were able to set a great first step towards this goal.

-Tobias Arendsen, Sitemanager at Jan de Rijk Logistics

"In the loading coordinates given to the drivers, there are often 10 to 20 numbers. There used to be typing errors, which led our drivers to the wrong places. With the TransFollow Drive app, the transmission of data is much more fluid, exact and precise. It's playful and intuitive, with a vocabulary that is close to the one of the paper consignment notes, so that our drivers find their bearings easily. Plus, it’s readable!"

- Angélique Vogler, Vogler Transports
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Developed for you, with you.

You wonder how and where to start ? The TransFollow Drive App only requires three easy steps before you can get started!

  • Connect your back-office environment to the TransFollow Datahub or use the TransFollow Portal.
  • Create missions from your back-office environment or from the TransFollow Portal and assign them to your drivers.
  • Equip your drivers with the TransFollow Drive mobile application and let them manage their daily missions!


Ready to get started?