Boost your business with the transport Modernization Aid

We are your Modernization Solutions Provider for the Aid program.

TransFollow can help you request aid funds through our Modernization provider and accompany you every step of your transport digitization journey, from planning, training to implementation.


The Modernization Program, is part of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan (PRTR) that funded by the European Union. It aims to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the road transport system through digitization and the adoption of new technologies.


Aid Recipients:

This aid program is aimed at freelancers and SMEs with between 3 and 250 employees. The beneficiary companies can be private companies that transport goods by road, private companies that are dedicated to the transport of passengers by road and those companies that are loaders or unloaders. Companies engaged in loading or unloading tasks must handle a certain volume of operations.

What will you benefit from the program?

With the support of TransFollow, you can access:

Subsidy for Transport Digitization

We help you request the financial support for your transport digitization efforts, with an estimated subsidy of up to 25,000 euros per SME.

From Paper-CMR to eCMR

You will gain access to the eCMR and data-sharing solutions, empowering your future transports with enhanced efficiency and a paperless approach.

Comprehensive Training Support

We guide you every step of the way, from planning to implementation, ensuring a seamless digital shift for your transports.

What you will benefit from the program?

How does it work?

The program comprises 9 categories, each focuses on different aspects of digitalization. Companies can select up to 2 modernization solutions among them, tailored to their company's size and type of activity.


TransFollow can help you through our provider to obtain the following categories:

  • Category 1: Management of electronic control documents
  • Category 3: Integration of electronic control documents into management systems
What you will benefit from the program?

eCMR Training and Digital Consignment Note

Service description

For this category, we will introduce the eCMR (electronic consignment note) to you and your partners, including the benefits of digitizing your transports through the use of the eCMR:


  • Eliminate paperwork, lower handling costs
  • Eliminate administrative and invoicing delays
  • Reduce discrepancies at delivery sites
  • Boost visibility, transparency and security across the entire logistics chain, providing improved data accuracy to trace shipments with real-time access to pick-up and delivery information
  • Legal compliance with domestic and international standards


We will also offer training courses to familiarize you with industry technologies and regulations. You will learn to work optimally with the digital versions of CMRs through practical cases. We will explain how your workflows will be and what digital signature options are after eliminating paper and complying with regulations in an agile way.


eCMR Solution Integration Support and Training

Service description

We adapt your company's management systems, whether ERP, FMS or TMS, to integrate eCMR and the Digital Bill of Lading. We make sure that your system is able to create and manage electronic control documents by providing technical service for the integration. You will continue to comply with national and international regulations and you will have a legal guarantee.


Currently not use any system or rely on Excel for transport management? Don't worry! Our web-based transport management platform allows you to efficiently handle your operations digitally without the need for TMS or other complex systems.

Why choose TransFollow?


TransFollow is the standard digital consignment note (eCMR) provider that facilitates the digital exchange of consignment notes in the transportation and logistics industry. With its Datahub platform, TransFollow provides a secure and efficient way for shippers, carriers, and receivers to manage, share, and track consignment notes electronically, eliminating the need for paper-based documentation.


With TransFollow, stakeholders can create, send, and sign digital consignment notes, enabling real-time visibility into the status of shipments and providing an auditable record of the entire transport process. This digital solution aims to streamline operations, improve communication, reduce paperwork, eliminate invoice delays, and enhance overall efficiency in the transportation and logistics sector.