One API to connect with all your supply chain partners

To prevent fragmentation from slowing down the supply chains, TransFollow acts as the missing link between shippers’, transporters’ and consignees’ digital environments.

Integrate the TransFollow Connect API to your current technical environment to connect to the TransFollow DataHub and start exchanging information with your partners and customers like for instance your electronic proof of deliveries (e-CMR or national consignment notes).

They’re already connected:

How it works

Integrated and integrative, we bring you closer together

Already integrated with 25+ of the leading TMS, FMS, ERP, and WMS software providers, and consistently growing the amount of connected parties, our API works hand in hand with your platform to share data with your partners, customers, drivers and to manage the entire lifecycle of your transport documents such as eCMR, instant way, all from a unique interface.

We bridge the digital systems of all stakeholders to make them interoperable and allow smooth exchanges on transport operations.

Our partners

A single interface to facilitate exchanges at every step of the chain

Inclusive and Collaboration-minded

Whether your partners are equipped with a software or not, with TransFollow, you can all benefit from real time exchanges: we’ve made our digital services inclusive so that the entire chain can communicate through our DataHub.

Intuitive and Mission-centric

Agnostic and Interoperability-led"
Paragraphe : "Looking beyond regulatory or IT challenges, we make transport operations more reliable, transparent and collaborative,
so that you can drive actionable insights from it.

Proactive and Efficiency-driven

Our solutions, such as e-CMR, work for you, with you. They simplify administration, reduce failure costs, streamline transport and facilitate quality control to help you develop ever more efficient transport operations.

Create your transport orders in your own trusted software and share them with your supply chain partners in seconds.

Get real time access from your partners, customers and drivers to allyour transport related dataand status on a single digital interface.

Gain actionable insights from the greater transparency and predictability of your operations to increase your productivity

The implementation of the eCMR aims to strengthen the digitization processes to make our data business compatible. After a presentation of TransFollow, the solution convinced us by the security it offers and its strong capacity for interactivity with our TMS. In addition, the European footprint of TransFollow was also a guarantee of reliability which translated into good support throughout the implementation process.

- Ludovic Colley, co-manager at Transports Cordier

Innovation is important to Trimble. That is why we have now developed this advanced integration with an eCMR supplier.

- Peter Huysmans, Product Manager at Trimble Transport & Logistics
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Swift, successful implementations based on transparency and collaboration

Spot-on digitalisation

Independent and emanating from the industry’s interests, we make sure digitalisation is spot on your needs and never jeopardizes the usual conduct of your operations. You and your supply chain partners get to decide the data you exchange, and the connection can be adapted to any of your requirements.

Hands-on integration

Our teams of experts and local distributors are by your side, at every step of the way, so that your data-driven operations can be up and running swiftly. We work together with you to understand your workflow, so that the integration process is organized in a way that respects and supports it.

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