eCMR Legal Compliance

Understanding the legal compliance of the eCMR
As the supply chain and logistics industry continues to undergo digital transformation, companies are increasingly turning to the eCMR - a digital version of the traditional consignment note used in the road transportation of goods. However, not all eCMR solutions are developed, managed and deployed equally.
While some are legally compliant and adhere to legal regulations, UN protocols and industry standards, others are not. This raises an important question: what is a legally compliant eCMR? What are the consequences of using non-legal compliant eCMR solutions? Let's explore these questions further.


Legal compliance eCMR

Is it important to choose an eCMR provider that is compliant with legislations, regulations and protocols? Why?

Yes, it is very important to choose an eCMR provider that is legally compliant with regulations and protocols. It can help ensure that the electronic consignment notes are legally valid and recognized by the relevant authorities, as well as provide a higher level of security, reliability and efficiency for the data being transmitted.


The importance of the eCMR legal compliance lies in the fact that it ensures that all parties involved in the transportation process, including shippers, carriers, and consignees, have reliable and secure means of sharing information related to the shipment. This includes information about the goods being transported, the route taken, and the delivery status of the goods. By using an eCMR, all parties can be sure that the information provided is accurate, complete, and legally binding.



TransFollow eCMR document


Let’s not forget, the eCMR is a legal contract between the shipper and the transport company, arranging for, among others, responsibilities, liabilities, and damage handling processes. The necessity to provide a solution that supports the capture of events, where data is unchangeable and where signature processes are compliant to protocols, supports the registration of the events occurred during a transport operation in case of litigation or disputes.


How is TransFollow eCMR legally compliant with all the regulations and protocols?

The TransFollow eCMR products are legally compliant with all the regulations and protocols for digital consignment notes because it has been developed in accordance with the e-CMR protocol established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). This protocol is a multilateral agreement that sets out the legal framework for the use of electronic consignment notes in international road transport.


The UNCEFACT committee also designed the datasets that should be incorporated in an eCMR solution, which have been adopted by TransFollow, supporting the ability to seamlessly exchange data with other platforms and software solutions.


The TransFollow eCMR products have been designed to meet the requirements of the e-CMR protocol, ensuring that it is legally binding and enforceable in all the countries that have ratified the additional UN eCMR protocol. In addition, the TransFollow eCMR meets the requirements of the different national laws and regulations that govern the use of electronic consignment notes in various countries.




Moreover, the TransFollow eCMR products use secure encryption and authentication mechanisms to ensure that the information contained in the electronic consignment note is protected from unauthorized access, tampering, or loss. It provides a secure, auditable, and reliable solution for managing digital consignment notes, which can be easily shared with all parties involved in the transport process, regardless of the systems they are using.


What are the key regulations and protocols where the TransFollow eCMR products are complying with?



  • GDPR: the TransFollow eCMR products comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which governs the use of personal data in the EU. This regulation ensures that user data is collected and processed in a transparent and secure manner.


  • ISO 27001: TransFollow pays close attention to the way how it handles the information it received or managed from third parties. This applies to information provision and information to customers, suppliers, and also to its employees, and all other stakeholders. TransFollow has secured this in procedures and works with an ISO27001-certified information management system. This standard ensures that the platform is designed and operated in a secure manner.


TransFollow ISO certificate

*ISO certification is not a one-time achievement; rather, it must be renewed regularly by an external party. This renewal process ensures that TransFollow is continuing to meet the relevant ISO standard and is maintaining the high level of performance and quality that is expected.


  • ADR: the TransFollow eCMR products are designed to allow for the creation and management of digital consignment notes that comply with the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) regulations, which governs the international road transportation of hazardous materials. This compliance ensures that digital documentation for the transportation of hazardous goods is valid and secure.


TransFollow eCMR legal compliance

What does this mean for all the stakeholders in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry?


For users of the TransFollow eCMR products, adhering to these regulations and protocols this provides several benefits:


  • The administrative part of your transport operation complies to legislation, regulations and protocols: the TransFollow eCMR's product compliance ensures that your transport operations and the digital consignment notes are legally valid and admissible in court.


  • Higher security: TransFollow’s compliance with ISO 27001 and adhering certification in combination with other security standards ensures your data is protected and you will be provided a secure environment to conduct your administrative


  • Standardization: the TransFollow eCMR products are compliant with the UNECE eCMR Protocol ensuring your digital consignment notes that are generated via TransFollow meet a global standard, which facilitates your cross-border transportation and reduces administrative burdens.


  • Protect your data better: TransFollow takes data protection seriously and implements various technical and organizational measures to protect user data. Its compliance with GDPR and other privacy and data protection regulations ensures that user data is collected and processed in a transparent and secure manner. We believe that the ownership of the data is at the users, not at TransFollow. This also implies that we take of the storage of your data and will not make it available to other parties without the consent of the data owners.


  • Improve overall efficiency: The use of the TransFollow eCMR products will streamline your transportation processes, reduce paperwork, and improve administrative and operational efficiency.


Overall, compliance with these regulations and protocols provides a high level of assurance for users of TransFollow eCMR, which can help them to operate more efficiently, securely, and with greater legal certainty.


What would happen if your eCMRs are non-compliant?


Non-compliant eCMR’s can result in a range of negative consequences, including rejection by authorities, legal disputes, penalties, and loss of trust. It is essential to adapt the eCMR solution that complies with legal requirements to ensure that the eCMR’s generated on the platform of your choice are valid and legally admissible:


  • Rejection by authorities: If your eCMR’s do not comply with legal requirements, they may be rejected by the authorities responsible for enforcing regulations. This can cause delays in the transport operations and can result in additional administrative or sanctioning costs.


  • Legal disputes: If your eCMR’s are not legally compliant, it can create legal uncertainties that can lead to disputes between parties involved in the transportation of goods. This can result in additional costs and can hinder your commercial and business results.


  • Penalties: Failure to comply with legal requirements can result in penalties or fines imposed by authorities responsible for enforcing regulations. These penalties can be significant and can add to the costs of transportation.


If currently you are using non-compliant eCMR’s, it would be recommended to secure your transport operations by changing from your current eCMR provider to one that offers the legally compliant eCMR. You can contact us and we will provide more details about how to make a smooth shift.



It is crucial to pay attention to the legal compliance of the eCMR and include it when it comes to making a decision adapting an eCMR solution. Make sure the eCMR you use is a legally recognized electronic proof of delivery that is accepted by national and international transportation laws and regulations so that your transport will be ensured with efficiency, reliability, and be protected by law.


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