About us

It takes unity to connect supply chains.

We foster collaboration

by forming partnerships with the industry’s leading software providers and creating the solutions needed to harmonise data flows and connect you all together.

We bridge the gap

by enabling everyone, big or small, to get on board, undertake smooth digitalisations and take part in real time transport insights.

We set standards

by looking beyond fragmented environments to generalize the use of digital transport documents such as the eCMR, that benefit everyone’s operations.

Our vision

The better working supply chains of tomorrow await

We believe that simpler, smarter supply chains are within reach, by relying on more efficient processes and creating value for everyone, we're convinced that we can get there faster, together.

Our mission

We unite all stakeholders to accelerate the transition

Because innovation can only go as fast as the ones who use it, we power the supply chains of tomorrow by creating the bridges needed by the industry to reap the benefits of digital transformation and make the most of data.

Our company

We accelerate the transition to smarter, better working supply chains

The development of the TransFollow product, started in 2013 under the wings of the Dutch transport and shippers associations. Since its acquisition by the swiss based company, Viaservice SA,  the product has now become one of the most innovative solutions for the transport and logistics sector, continuously evolving over the years. Working closely together with Czech, Dutch, French and Spanish national associations, boosted the  the adoption of TransFollow in various countries which is gradually and steadily participating to the increased the digitalization processes in the logistics sector across  Europe.

The growing footprint of the TransFollow product and the expanded customer portfolio led to the establishment of the Viaservice BV office in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, as the headquarter for TransFollow.

We develop our software in-house with our own teams and support departments, both operating from Amsterdam and Geneva. For sales, marketing and support we work with seasoned professionals based in or closely to the all the markets we operate in.


The number of different countries in which we are represented in Europe

>1 million

The number of eCMRs issued via TransFollow in 2020

By 2025

The transport industry’s operations will be paperless

Discover what keeps us in motion

Who we Are

A proactive, collaboration -driven team of industry experts

The TransFollow team is composed of seasoned industry experts with extensive experience in logistics, transportation, finance and software engineering. Committed to develop innovative services, helping our industry to unlock the full potential of trade opportunities, digitalization, progressing towards continuous enhancements for the supply chains.

Alexis Perinet-Marquet photo
Alexis Perinet-Marquet

Managing Director

Hans Lip photo
Hans Lip

Chief Operations Officer

Jean-Christophe Durand  photo
Jean-Christophe Durand

Chief Technical Officer

Global footprint

Making the transport of goods faster, easier and more transparent

VIASERVICE, as strategic business partner of the IRU (International Road Transport Union), serves the entire logistics and transport chain through its expertise and strategic partnerships, by driving innovative services and agnostic solutions, both addressing the digitalization and innovation needs of the 'logistics of the future'.

We believe in a future where our platform will enable a collaborative environment providing transparency and efficiencies for all stake holders.

We offer disruptive solutions for the entire transportation industry, throughout the logistics chain, such as  digital consignment note (eCMR), a Container Guarantee solution and other innovative products and services.

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