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Release notes
  • 2023 Week 32

    TransFollow Drive App
    • Limit RTI types allowed
    We limited the RTI types to make it easier for carriers to act. During configuration, submitters can set which transfer types should be excluded. This ensures that the chosen transfer options align more effectively with carriers' specific cases.
    • Indicate picture already taken
    Previously we added a feature to add a mandatary picture before signing process. In some cases that observations with an picture already taken yet not in the signing process, we have added a new checkbox where you can indicate you have already added the picture and by selecting the checkbox you are allowed to move on to the next step.
  • 2023 Week 29

    TransFollow Drive App
    • Freight Documents Delivered at End UX
    To enhance the user experience, we have made adjustments to the sorting functionality. Now, you can simply check the 'Show delivered at the end' checkbox, and the updated ordering overview will appear when you press back, eliminating the need to select a different sorting section.  
    • Overview Goods Icon Redesign
    In the document overview, we have replaced the icon indicating 'The goods have been adjusted' on the freight document with a yellow tag in text format. This change makes it more clear and concise for viewers to identify. We added two new buttons in the document overview: the 'Observations' icon and the 'Open PDF' icon. Clicking on the 'Observations' icon allows you to view a preview of the added observations, while clicking on the 'Open PDF' icon directly opens the corresponding PDF file.  
    • Vehicle added to FD overview
    We added ‘Vehicle’ as a new selection in the Column options in the document overview. If clients require vehicle information, they can easily include it in the Freight Document overview by simply ticking the checkbox of 'Vehicle' in the Column options.
    • Goods Indication on observation
    The “Good Indicate” feature had been added in TransFollow App and API, allowing you to easily associate observations with specific goods. Now this feature is also available on Portal and PDF.  
    • Allow Carrier on External Signature
    It is already possible to submit a proof of transfer as a external system for the Consignor, consignee, place of taking over and place of delivery. Now we have added the option to submit an external proof of transfer for the carrier.  
    • German Language
    As the secondary language, German language is now available in PDFs.  
  • 2023 Week 26

    TransFollow Drive App
    Indicate Good on Observation The “Good Indicate” feature has been added in TransFollow App, allowing you to easily associate observations with specific goods. When adding an observation, by selecting the relevant good/ADR from a dropdown menu, you can add comments and track the status of individual goods. Multiple observations can be created, and the good information will be visible on the Freight Document. This feature is currently available in both the TransFollow App and API.
    • Freight Forwarder on Transports
    We added the Freight Forwarder as a new role, allowing them to collaborate with the submitter in managing transports. The submitter can appoint a Freight Forwarder when creating a transport. Then the selected Freight Forwarder is able to edit the transport in their account and assign their carrier partner to the transport. You can add a Freight Forwarder in the Partner section. Once the transport is issued, the freight forwarder will have the visibility right. This feature is only available through the portal.
    • Search by Order Number
    We introduced a new filter – order number filter, to improve the document search performance. When the specific order number is filled in, all the Freight Documents associated with this order number will be displayed.
    • Delete Freight Document Supplement Attachment
    We enabled the option to remove supplement attachments directly within the portal. This feature allows you to rectify any mistakes made during the operation, ensuring that incorrect files can be easily removed.
    • Filters Streamlined 
    To provide a simplified experience, we have introduced a new "Filter options" menu, allowing you to select and apply specific filters according to your preferences.
    • "Sign Documents" and "Export CMR" Button Moved
    We introduced a new "Filter options" menu, allowing you to select and apply specific filters according to your preferences.
    • Technical Reference for API Usage
    To enhance the integration process, we added the technical flag to the reference which will not be shown on the portal and App.
    • PDF Endpoint
    We introduced an PDF endpoint to download the Freight Document"s PDF as an 64encoded attachment.
    • More Returned on Freight Document Post
    We added transport reference and delivery mission identifier to the response object when they create a document through API.
  • Release note 2023 Week20

    TransFollow Drive App
    • Singular Overview Mode
    We have simplified your transport overviews in the "List of Transports" by showing only the expanded view of each transport. The option to have a collapsed overview is no longer available.
    • Duplicate Multiple RTIs
    Drivers now have a quicker way to add already existing RTIs to different categories on the freight document when delivering and picking up at the same location. In the RTIs section, a duplicate button has been added per category.  
    • Separate Edit/Add Goods Permissions
    We have separated the edit and add goods permissions, allowing carriers to either edit or add goods individually. This update provides submitters (shippers) with better control over the actions carriers can perform. The same also applies to pre-defined RTIs.
    • Add Trader Identification Number to Partner
    You can now add a trader identification number to a partner not only through the portal but also via the app when adding a partner. If the selected partner already has a number, it will be automatically filled in.
    TransFollow Drive App RTI re-editing                          
    • GPS Tracking For Access Code
    Users logging in with an access code can now use the same GPS tracking functionality as if you have a regular account, to obtain more accurate location details of transports. This feature can be enabled in a pop-up window when logging in with the access code for the first time. It can also be toggled on and off via the menu in the app.
    • Shipper Can See Map/ETA
    Shippers now have better visibility of their transports as they can view the ETA and current locations of drivers in the dashboard.
    • Change Place of Delivery
    If the freight document has not been delivered yet, submitters can still change the place of delivery using a newly added button in the e-CMR preview on the portal. This function is already available in the API and has now been added to the portal as well.
    • Show Issued Goods Amount
    If there are changes in the amount of goods and RTIs made by carriers, both the original amount and the current (edited) amount will be shown on all TransFollow platforms. This ensures that all parties are well informed about the goods updates.
    • Get PDF Base64 Encoded
    In the API, you can retrieve the PDF version of the freight document. Integrators can now request the PDF as a base64 encoded stream if needed.
    We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
  • TransFollow Drive App
    • Sort on Creation Date
    The Sorting feature is added under the Access Code login environment. Drivers can choose ‘Creation Date’ and all freight documents will be sorted from the oldest freight document to the latest. In this case, any activities or editing on freight documents will not affect this sequence of documents. TransFollow Drive App
    • Change Transference Type
    If the carrier made a mistake on an RTI (returnable transport item), now the carrier is possible to correct this by re-editing the details of the RTI and changing its Transference Type. TransFollow Drive App RTI re-editing
    • Mandatory Sign-on-Glass info
    During the Sign-on-Glass inspection, the counterparty usually needs to fill in some fields while handling the goods. We made it possible for submitters of the freight documents to decide which of the fields is mandatory for the counterparty to fill based on their different use cases.
    TransFollow Drive App Sign on glass
    • Hungarian Language
    The Hungarian language is added to the TransFollow Drive app.
    TransFollow Portal
    • Add access code
    Add-access-code functionality is not only available on the API, but also available on the TransFollow portal now. Submitters can add new access codes after freight documents have been issued at the Portal in the document view. Once a new access code has been added, the document can be accessed through both old and new access codes.   TransFollow Portal access code
    • Attachments not redownloaded
    We improved the preload intent to have the attachment of the freight document downloaded once and then not be re-downloaded to save the data usage for TransFollow App users.
    • Webhook TLS Certificates
    We made the usage of webhook more secure by adding TLS Certificates security to Webhook functionality.
    • Remove access code
    We added the ability to delete access codes from freight documents after the transport is done or cancelled.
    We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
    • Statistical Number for ADR
    Not only for the regular goods, but also now the statistical number has been added to ADR goods as well in the App, PDFs, and Portal.
    TransFollow Drive App
    • Scan the QR code for the access code to prevent typo mistakes
    In order to prevent the typos that drivers may make while logging in to the Drive app by filling in the access code, drivers now can log in by scanning a QR code that is provided at the site.
    • Redo Signing-on-Glass signature is possible
    It is possible now for drivers to request the counterparty to reset their signature via signing on glass, to prevent situations where signatures are incorrect or unacceptable.
    • PICK LOCATION button is added to simplify the process of freight document creation
    On the Drive app, when you create a freight document, there is a new button - PICK LOCATION added for Roles. You can fill in an address, and the GPS coordinates and other details associated to this address will be automatically filled in. It speeds up the process of creating a freight document in the app with more accurate information.
    • Observation Importance for board computer
    You can add the observation Importance in board computers when you add an observation.
    • Adjust seals/goods in ISSUED
    Submitters are now to be able to adjust seals/goods when the freight document is in the issued state.
    • Create multiple freight documents at once
    Submitters can create multiple freight documents at once in a single API request, instead of creating one freight document per request. This can give a significant performance improvement for integrations that create freight documents in a batch-like process.
    We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
  • 2022 Week 41

    TransFollow Drive App
    • Add GPS coordinates
    The location presented on roles is optimized by adding GPS coordinates. When you create a freight document on the role, you can now add GPS coordinates, then the TransFollow Drive App will open up for those GPS coordinates rather than the text of the address. This applies to TransFollow Portal and via TF Connect Integrations.
    • Disable Updating Goods/RTIs individually
    The submitter can now set the options to allow carriers to edit Goods/RTIs individually. It allows submitters to have greater control over what can be adjusted and what can only be read for carriers in the operation.
    • Add observation split into 2 calls
    We fastened the way how drivers upload observations and attachments to avoid the situation of a slow internet connection. Drivers can now add observations and upload their attachments even with a bad connection without taking too long.
    • Request GPS Permission on Signing
    Not only on the TransFollow Drive App, but also on the fully TF integrated board computers, you will also get a request to ask for the location permission from the driver when starts the signing process. After the driver agreed, the data can be sent to TransFollow.
    TransFollow Portal
    • License Plates Displayed
    A new Vehicles Section has been created and is visible in the Documents. In this section, the carrier's license plates are properly displayed.
    Distributor Portal
    • Search by Client Name
    It is able to search in the Distributor Portal by the Client Name to look for details instead of only by the email address.API
    • Submitter-only reference
    The submitter is able to add references and ensure that they are not being shown in the TransFollow Portal, Drive App, and the pdf. It's only available through API usage.We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.   We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
  • 2022 Week 41

    TransFollow Drive App
    • Choose image quality for observation 
    Users of the TF Drive App that want to take a picture as part of observation can now choose a higher resolution. Please note that a higher resolution also means a higher amount of data will be sent over the internet.
    • Improved changes processing
    We improved the way the TF Drive App queue works in such a way that we prevent any loss of data.
    TransFollow Portal
    • Enabler portal updated
    Our enablers will be using the updated Enabler portal. Same features, and a better look and feel.     Other
    • Language added
    Both the TF Drive App and TF Portal have been enriched with the Bulgarian language.     We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
  • 2022 Week 35

    TransFollow Drive App
    • View location on observation details
    When viewing the details of the observation the user can now see where the author of the observation was when they added the observation, if a location was recorded. Users can zoom in to view detailed location information with an accuracy of 15 meters.
    • Postal codes on FD overview
    When viewing the freight documents overview user can now see the postal codes used in the freight documents.
    TransFollow Portal
    • Signing method descriptions
    We have added some explanatory text to our signing methods. This way our TF Portal users are better informed about the different signing methods we provide.
    • Clarify the registration process
    We simplified the registration process and made it easier to understand when users create an account.
    • Reason for missing location in the signature
    When a mobile device can determine why the location could not be retrieved during the signing. The PDF will display the reason.
    • PDF URL returned upon Freight Document creation
    When creating a freight document, the PDF URL will now also be returned.
    We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
  • 2022 Week 31

    TransFollow Drive App
    • Mandatory picture
    Submitters of the eCMR’s can configure the signing process to make adding a picture by the driver a mandatory step within the signing process. Please read how to configure this in our technical documentation.   TransFollow app mandatory picture
    TransFollow Portal
    • Delivery date filter
    It is made more explicit that the delivery date filter in the TransFollow Portal freight document overview is the actual delivery date.  
    • New search field
    TransFollow Portal users can now search on signed by driver name in the freight document overview screen of the TransFollow Portal, which saves more time for you to find your freight document.  
    • Attachments
    The names of the uploaded attachments are more clear. Your uploaded attachments in your eCMR can be more recognized.  
    • .CSV export
    If you exported your freight documents, the .CSV export file now also shows which freight documents have been commented on, which makes you eaiser centrally identify the observations for each freight document.
    • Attachments list
    The PDF files are no longer listed in the displayed image attachments at the bottom of the PDF but instead are only listed in the attachments table.  
    We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
  • 2022 Week 29

    TransFollow Drive App
    • iOS version upgraded
    We upgraded TransFollow iOS Drive app and users with an iOS device can now download the app in the AppStore. With the upgraded version, users can login with their Carrier Access Code(s), see and open the eCMRs' that are assigned to them, add observations and attachments, and put their signature using Sign-On-Glass.     how to sign an ecmr TransFollow  
    TransFollow Portal
    When new registrants confirm their registration they did through the TransFollow Portal and made a referral to a specific partner during registration, then that specific partner will receive an e-mail about that activated registrant.   TransFollow Partner
    We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
  • 2022 Week 26

    TransFollow Drive App 
    • Select and sign all for Carrier Access Codes
            TransFollow Drive App users using the Carrier Access Code to login to the TransFollow Drive App can now select and sign all freight documents in one go instead of selecting them one by one.                  
    • Packing slip can be shared upfront through a separate e-mail to consignees
    When creating a freight document through the API, Integrators can now specify an attachment as a packing slip by using the new document type field. This packing slip will be sent to the consignee by email when the freight document is issued.    
    PDF Service
    • Links to view PDF attachments
    On the PDF of the eCMR, links to view and users can now find and use links to view or download attachments.   pdf link to download TransFollow
    We have continued optimizing our platform by fixing some minor bugs and adding some technical improvements.
  • 2022 Week 21

    TransFollow Drive App 
    Data saving mode for driver  
    • Data Saving Mode
    TransFollow Drive App users can now enable the data saving mode. This will result in less mobile data being used for the scenarios of limited data plans and bad connections. The additional documents that don't need will not be retrieved in this mode.    
    • Login Error Clarification
    We made it more clear why an Error occurs. When you fail to log in the account, you will be informed about the reason.
    response message from login result
    PDF Service
    • References
    The reference codes have been moved from the goods description field to the codes column on the eCMR PDF.   eCMR reference  
    TransFollow Portal
    • Customized Packages and Goods Description
    Our Portal users now can set and add their own specific packages - and/or goods descriptions to use in their use case by setting the methods of packaging. The default packaging list is still applicable based on users' preferences. Customized packaging list and goods description
  • 2022W17

    TransFollow Drive App 
    • Author name in add comment intent
    When adding an observation, the name of the users that make a comment can now be added.
    • Predefined comments
    The order of the predefined comments shown is corrected. You can also select "other" to add comments in a free text frame. 
    • Automatic logout for certain accounts
    Users of the SSO integration can now set the session time-out at a time of their choice. Your account will automatically log out for security concerns if you require this setting. This setting is customizable for specific accounts.
    TransFollow Portal
    • Carrier Code
    The carrier code will automatically be added to the freight document if it has been filled in the carrier info under the "Partners" header in the TransFollow Portal.  
    • New filter option
    TransFollow Portal users have the option to filter on "actual delivery date" to determine a specific transport.
  • 2022W14

    TransFollow Drive App 
    • Sign on Glass (SoG) signatory name via intent
    Implementations using the multi-sign intent can now fill in the name of the signatory in the SoG flow.
    • Hide time registrations and add containers
    We have made it possible to hide time registrations and add containers in the TransFollow Drive app when viewing the freight document, please see our technical documentation for the details.
    • Goods inspection checklist
    Carriers using the TransFollow Drive App can make use of the goods checklist when inspecting the goods during the signing.
    • PDF service - SKAL Logo
    When providing the organic certification code, a logo (i.e. the SKAL logo for the Netherlands) will be shown on the PDF.
  • 2022W11

    TransFollow Portal
    • Consignee can add comment
    TransFollow Portal users with the role of consignee can add comments to freight documents.
    TransFollow Drive App 
    • Show first reference
    Submitters can submit eCMR’s which always will show the first reference, and it will be more recognizable for drivers and systems.
    • Container number inspection
    TransFollow Drive APP users can now check the container number and the seal number at the same time in the signing process. The counter part can also enter the seal while signing.
    • Seals confirming during TFA
    TransFollow Drive APP users that use our TFA signing method can now view and/or correct the seal number. If entered an incorrect seal, instead of the page closing, users can try to re-enter a new seal to verify.
    • PDF service - Internal code shown
    We have added the internal code to the PDF view of the freight document.
  • 2022W8

    TransFollow Portal
    • Notification Settings Group Adjustment
    To make your operation easier, users can now enable/disable multiple notifications settings at the same time.  
    • Deleted driver deactivates subaccount
    When deleting a driver or vehicle in your asset library, if there is a subaccount associated with it, then the subaccount will be deactivated.  
    • Your delegates on FD shown
    Users can now see their freight document delegates when viewing a freight document.  
    • Delegate PoTo / PoD
    Users can delegate the Place of Taking over and/or Place of Delivery on account level. Also we updated the UI for delegation to be more in line with what our users are used to.  
    TransFollow Drive App 
    • You only see freight documents you have access to
    A clearer dashboard is upgraded and users will no longer see freight documents they no longer have access to.  
    • Recorded temperature displayed
    In the freight documents detail screen users now will see the last recorded temperature.  
    • Add another RTI goes to list
    When users have predefined returnable transport items (rti’s), with the action of adding RTI’s and they press “Save and add another” they will be returned to the predefined returnable transport items list.
    • Notifications / E-mails - E-mails contain references
    To be more effective for our users to be aware any specific freight documents, the e-mail notifications relating to specific freight documents now contain the reference registered on the freight documents.  
    • API - Delegation end-points updated
    The freight document delegate and revoke end-points have been updated to support multiple roles in one call. See our technical documentation for further details.
  • 2022W5

    TransFollow Portal
    • Place comment as consignor 
    Consignors using the TF Portal can now place a comment on freight documents that are in issued or transit state. This update improved the provision of information in case of real-time updates.
    • Internal Code
    We improved retrieval options for goods on the documents by adding the internal code field for goods to the freight document view in the TF Portal.
    • Display freight documents in draft status
    Freight documents created through TF Connect in the status draft, can now be viewed in the planning tool of the TF Portal. It increases visibility and makes users be able to share earlier.
    • MFA restored
    Multi-Factor Authentication now again can be added to the user’s account via the profile page. Functionality and security of the account are now restored and increased respectively.
    • Change account name
    Usability and user-friendliness of accounts have been increased by now  allowing users to change their account name in the profile page.
    TransFollow Drive App 
    • Captcha for register/reset password
    We will be providing a higher security level service by introducing captcha for new account registrations and password resets.
    • Attachments / PDF during inspections
    All attachments will be displayed in the comments and attachments signing inspection screen. Furthermore, TF Drive users who are signing multiple freight document, will now be able to view the PDF of the freight document they choose as they could do before when signing a single freight document. 
    • Copy address info whilst creating eCMR’s
    When creating a freight document in TF Drive, users can now copy address information from the consignor to the place of taking over and from the consignee to the place of delivery. This improvement is to ease the creation of freight documents and assigning tasks, reduce redundant actions and avoid mistakes.
    • Android support minimum 5.0
    We have raised the minimum Android version requirement to Android 5.0 for standards compliance.
    • Departure Time for signing intent
    The collection and delivery departure times can now be provided by an enhanced integration through the multi-signing intent. See technical documentation for full specifics.
    • SDK correction – 1 signing method
    The signing calls have been consolidated to a single signing call for both single and multi-signing.  
    • Technical Documentation UI updated
    We have restructured the UI of the technical API documentation, to make developers easier to navigate.
  • 2022.w2

    TransFollow Portal
    • VAT info mandatory for credit purchase to compliant with legal tax regulations
    Starting from this release our TransFollow Portal users will need to fill in their tax identification type and number when ordering credits. This payment requirement would comply with tax regulations and it streamlines the processing of related files for your finance department.    
    TransFollow Portal, Connect, and Drive 
    • Unified decimal formatting
    Starting from this release all decimals will be shown with 2 decimals after the comma/dot. The upgrade will meet demands for more specific scenarios where TransFollow users require specific units to conduct your business.      
    TransFollow Connect 
    • Improved security by limiting validation time of Access Code
    We value our users’ information, thus starting from this release, the Access Code can no longer be retrieved after 10 days a freight document has been signed for delivery in the TransFollow Connect system. Your information will be secured from us in this manner.      
    Android Integration
    • TransFollow Android Integration Library (SDK)
    Starting from this release we will be providing a software development kit (SDK) to our integration partners. This will make integrating with our Android app intents API easier and reduce implementation mistakes along the way. Please see our technical documentation for further details on how to obtain an SDK. More info on the SDK will follow soon via our various communication channels.
  • 2021.w50

    TF Drive
    • Improved vehicle editing when signing multiple fd’s
    • Legal compliance driver name search
    • SignOnGlass role name in company field
    Starting from this release when signing multiple freight documents our TransFollow Drive users will be able to add vehicles to the freight document rather than to replace the entire vehicle list. Also new in this release when using the law compliance intent, you can now search by driver name instead of license plate. See the technical documentation on how to implement this. Furthermore, at the start of the SignOnGlass process the “Company” field is automatically filled in, instead of the “Name” field.   TF Portal
    • Company VAT info
    • Delegation for transport
    • T&C Updated
    • Navigation proper links
    • Number of documents shown
    Starting from this release our TransFollow Portal users can now enrich the company detail information with VAT information. Also users can delegate their rights for freight documents that are in transport. We have made it easier for our TF Portal users to navigate through the TF Portal, users now can right-click on a menu item to open it in a new tab. Also new is that our users can see the total amount of documents found based on their search criteria. Finally for the TF Portal this year, we have updated the Terms & Conditions.   TF Connect
    • New API fleet management key type
    Starting from this release we will introduce the API fleet management key type, with which subaccounts management endpoints can be used.
  • 2021.w47

    TF Drive
    • Multiple partner roles
    • Choose document type
    Starting from the upcoming release our TransFollow Drive users no longer need to create a partner for every role they want to assign to that partner, we have made it possible to assign multiple roles at the same time when creating a partner. We have also added some extra flexibility to the creating a freight document process using the TransFollow Drive app. From now on it is not the places that determine which document type a created document has, instead it is up to the user which document type will be used (i.e. CMR or Carta de Porte).   TF Portal
    • Download attachment
    Starting from the upcoming release our TransFollow Portal users can download all freight document attachments with one click within the TransFollow Portal.   API/Intents
    • External Id for FD's
    • Optional login expanded
    Also new starting from the upcoming release, is that our integration partners can us their own identifier to retrieve freight documents. Additonally the external identier can now also be used with the sign multiple freight documents intent. Please see our technical documentation for further details. Starting from the upcoming release more intents support the optional login feature we added to the law compliance intent during the last sprint. A full list of supported intents can be found in the technical documentation.
  • 2021.11

    TF App
    • Partner Creation: TF App users can now add their partners through the TF App;
    • Transport Reference / Temperature: Transport reference and/or temperature are displayed during the sign-on-glass process;
    • Change PoD during inspection: Place of delivery can now be changed by carriers during the signing process.
      TF Portal
    • Set availableSigningMethods: set which signing methods the carrier is allowed to use for transports you create.
      TF Connect (API)
    • Submitters can delegate ALL roles.
      All products
    • Tank cleaning status added (i.e. Qualimat): type of cleaning that has been done the last 3 times the tank was cleaned;
    • # languages reduced: English, French, Spanish, Czech, Dutch and German will remain as TF App languages.
  • 2021.10

    • TransFollow Portal - Configure mission workflow: In the TransFollow Portal it is now possible to configure the mission workflow for the TransFollow Drive users. It is possible to set this for all missions and for each individually. There is also a new step to add, check in at security.
    • ID check step: A new step for the workflow to TransFollow Drive is the security check. We enabled a security check on drivers upon arrival at the consignor or consignee by configuration of the freight document. This will be done by using the QR-code scanning to validate the parties.
    • TF Portal: Copy the URL link of the PDF of the freight document to share immediately with other parties.
    • Sub account migration: Creating and assigning a subaccount can now be done in the TransFollow Drive settings. You can create a sub account and easily assign the role in the overview to Driver or Vehicle (truck or trailer). The subaccount will also be presented in the assets.
  • 2021.09

    • TF Drive and PDF: When the submitter of the consignment note only enters the country code, we now also automatically show the name of the country, or the entered value by the submitter.
    • TF Portal: Adding employee codes is now possible in the TransFollow Portal, for the company and the users. A unique QR code is generated from this code that the driver can scan to sign the consignment note. Read more here under ‘(Sub)accounts to use the TransFollow Portal’.
    • TF Portal: It is now also possible to cancel documents.
    • TF Portal: Exciting URL’s that were used before are now redirected to the proper pages or documents, also when the user first has to login.
  • 2021.08

    2.101.10 TF

    • TF Drive: When the mission is not closed automatlcally (after rgistering departure time), this can be done manually by the user.
    • TF Drive: The instructions from the carrier to the driver are now presented on the agreements and instructions section on TF Drive. [CarrierToDriverInstructions]
    • All products: When needed, fax information can also be indicated in the contact details for each role, though the API. [ContactFaxNumber]
  • 2021.07

    3.16.0 APP 1.679.1 API

    • App: Updated User Interface for the location permission due to new Android version 30 (GPS tracking) upon the first login.
    • App: Tare weight are added to the ​Structured Goods ​of type Goods and Dangerous Goods. Total tare weight property has also been added to the Structured goods info on the freight document.
    • App: For a specific user, we enabled a security check on the driver upon arrival at the consignor or consignee by configuration of the freight document. This will be done by using the QR-code scanning to validate the parties.
    • API: It is now possible to add multiple Access Codes for a freight document. ​The submitter can still do this when the document is in Draft while we added the possibility for the carrier to do this in Draft, Issued and Transit through the API.
  • 2021.06

    3.11.3 App 1.666.6 API

    • Add image URL to RTI in the TransFollow App to make the RTI visible
    • Introduction additional employee identification in Company Code Signing
    • Adjust license plate for issued Freigt Document with the TransFollow API
  • 2021.05

    3.7.0 App 1.662.1 API

    • Temperature Inspection in the TransFollow App, now only to enter decimals.
    • Add RTI – When adding Returnable Transport Items it’s now possible, after indicating the first item, to click on ‘Save and add another’ in the TransFollow App
    • Freight Document retrieval technical optimizations to improve our response time
  • 2021.04

    3.4.4 App 1.652.2 API

    • Contact field added to role editing - it is possible to add more contact details of the counter parties whilst creating a freight document in the TransFollow App.
    • SMS unavailable - if no SMS notification is available on the board computer, this possibility is hidden during the signing flow.
    • Email notification sent after goods inspection an notification email to the counterparties after the signing the freight document after inspection of the goods.
    • Subscription/webhook expanded for comments this is also enabled for the use of comments on the level of ‘warning’ or ‘irregularity’ for a connection with our API.

Where can the technical specifications for a connection with TransFollow be found?

There is an integration walkthrough including all technical specifications of TransFollow that can be found on developer.transfollow.com.

Whom to contact when needing support?

When you are a user of TransFollow and need support regarding functionalities of the TransFollow App or TransFollow Portal. you can consult our instruction videos or get in contact with your (local) partner. As a software provider with an active or potential integration with TransFollow, you can contact our support team by sending an e-mail to support@transfollow.org.

How is my data being protected in TransFollow?

eCMRs naturally contain a lot of sensitive information, that is not supposed to be seen or used by any party not directly involved in the transport. When using TransFollow, each eCMR is only visible to the accounts that are linked to it, which means that no third party has access to the information stored on it. Also, TransFollow does not use any data provided by the users for commercial purposes.

How can I submit feedback to TransFollow?

We very much appreciate your feedback on the TransFollow App and TransFollow Portal and its functionalities as well as our technical support as it helps us to further improve our services. Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to info@transfollow.org.