Support - TransFollow Drive

Account Settings

Set you preferences and work more efficient by selecting the right account settings. In the TransFollow Drive you can easily modify your settings in the menu of the TransFollow Drive.

Account Settings


In the profile section, the credit balance, the email address, the phone number, the installed version of the application and if the GPS tracking is enabled, displayed. This information can not be edited, except for the enabling of the GPS tracking.


GPS Settings

Allow TransFollow Drive to track the GPS coordinates and share this information with the supply chain partners.

To enable the GPS Settings, you first have to enable the GPS tracking in the Android settings. Next, you have to enable the GPS tracking on the Drive app. Go to management screen (under the tree lines on the left side) and click on ‘PROFILE’. Click on the grey button to enable GPS tracking. When this is activated, the button will appear blue.


Application Settings

eCMR list

Set the preferred settings on the eCMR view screen.

  • Expanded view: View all the information on the eCMR in expanded sections. All information on the eCMR will be presented, or only presented when you click on expand for each section.
  • Show first reference: Show the first reference on the transport and eCMR
  • Show order number: Show the order number of the transport and eCMR
  • Show Sign with QR Code button: Enable the driver to sign the eCMR with the use of the QR code.
Location tracking

The locations tracking settings are presented here. You can enable or disable them on ‘Profile’.

  • GPS is enabled

Location permissions granted


Notification Settings

As driver, you might want to be notified when certain actions are taken or when a situation changes for you and your transport missions.

Enable or disable receiving notifications in an email or a notifications on your device in the following situations:

  • eCMR status changes
  • New document permissions
  • Document permissions withdrawn
  • Attachment added to the document
  • Document is transferred to another carrier

Language Settings

TransFollow Drive uses the set language of the Android device. If you would like to change the language of the TransFollow Drive app, you have to change the language of your Android device in the settings of the device itself.

When your counterparty speaks another language, you can indicate this during the signing process, and the language of the screens to check by the counter party will be switched to this language.


The language TransFollow Drive supports are: Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish and Greek.