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Discover how our API can help you connect with all your supply chain partners and allow smooth exchanges for all your transport operations.

Global Scale & Integration

Together we connect the industry further

Because uniting supply chains starts by making smooth, real-time data exchanges accessible to all, TransFollow has been developed as an independent DataHub, dedicated to making logistics management systems such as TMS, WMS, ERP and FMS interoperable.


International footprint

Because unleashing the full potential of the supply chains calls for all their stakeholders to work as one, TransFollow has strengthened its cohesiveness from the inside out to offer all supply chain partners ever more integrated, interoperable and inclusive set of data-driven services, able to work hand in hand with the software providers.

Connected today with many industry leaders, we are consistently looking forward and  building new partnerships across Europe and beyond to offer the easiest and the most interoperable ecosystem available in the market.

Software Providers

TransFollow bridges the gap

By bridging the gap between the various involved supply chain actors, we create value for all.

  • Software providers offer new value propositions to their customers like an interoperable eCMR solution.
  • Supply chain actors can start working in a collaborative way for more efficiency, visibility and predictability without questioning their past technical investments.

Our Software Partners

Implementing transparent, automated, safe operations together

Together, TransFollow and Simacan are boosting this shift by digitalizing processes – both within specific transport operations and between separate ones – that up until now have entailed a lot of paperwork and/or physical contact. I firmly believe that this European partnership adds a lot of value for current and future customers.

- Eric Mulders, Partner Manager at Simacan

Looking to the future, we want to increasingly work towards supply chain transparency. By looking at the same data together, errors are prevented and there is less miscommunication.

With the integration of the eCMR of TransFollow, the entire chain works a lot easier, faster and more efficiently.

- Arno Driessen, director of Greenlines, Netherlands
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Why connect with TransFollow

We create efficiency for all

With the supply chains progressing towards paperless operations, the opportunity to bring added value through increased transparency and smoother data sharing rises. Committed to accelerate the transition of the industry, the TransFollow' DataHub creates efficiency by helping software suppliers and their customers to become interoperable.

We're collaborative

Emerging from the industry's interests, we run our operations with a collaboration-first approach in order to build best in class, scalable products and make them available to everyone.


We're secure

Being an independent entity working closely together with national transport and shippers associations, being a strategic partner of the IRU and offering ISO 27001 certified solutions, we are the only ones able to guarantee the highest levels of security and protection for your data.


We create value for all

Making solutions interoperable means we can connect entire supply chains and therefore, create value through transparency, real time data availability and predictability of transport operations.


We're the standard of eCMR

TransFollow bolsters the use of eCMR, that, in turns, takes the industry's digitalisation further. Having issued over 1 million of eCMRs in 2020, we're making the industry more data-driven by helping the whole ecosystem to grow.

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