Support - TransFollow Portal


The Dashboard of the TransFollow Portal enables you to have an overview of the active transports and missions statuses and the upcoming missions.

Realtime overview of active and upcoming transports on the Dashboard.

The Dashboard of the TransFollow Portal enables you to have an overview of the active missions statuses and the upcoming missions.

The Dashboard shows the information related to these missions like the type (loading or unloading), the consignee or consignor, location of pick up or delivery, Scheduled Time of Arrival (STA),  Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), the assigned driver, the assigned vehicle. You will also find here the corresponding CMR number of the transport to click on to open the eCMR details.

A few elements of the dashboard are available for all users, but the ETA, the statuses, the localisation and tracking on the map are offered as a premium (paid) module.

You can search in the top bar on keywords for a specific actieve or upcoming transport. The TransFollow Portal will search for the matching value and present this in the screen.



Next to this you have also the ETA status of the missions indicated by colour. You can select one specific status to show the missions which are ‘on time’, at risk or late.


Map -Permium (paid) module

When you click on ‘open on map’ you can open the map to have an overview of all the active missions, the status and the route to take. The next upcoming missions are presented at the bottom of the map.

Active and Upcoming  Transports

Active transports

The active transports are presented on the dashboard. Once transports are activated, the transports are presented on this screen.

The driver will have to use the TransFollow Drive app to manage his transports or have a connecting to the TransFollow Datahub with your software solution. The driver opens the upcoming mission with all the information related to the pick-up or delivery of the goods.

Once the driver presses the ‘start mission’ button on the TransFollow Drive app or on the integrated board computer, the status of the mission will change from ‘upcoming’ to ‘active’. When he finalized the latest action on the mission, the mission is finished, and will be archived from the active transports and is presented on the transport overview.

Upcoming transports

The issued Transports will be presented on the Upcoming transports on the Dashboard. Once the transports have been changed from draft to issued, the transport and eCMR are not editable anymore.

The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Scheduled Time of Arrival (STA) - Premium (paid) module

The Scheduled Time of Arrival (STA) is the time indicated by the submitter of the mission on indicating when the driver is scheduled for picking-up or delivering the freight. The TransFollow DataHub will calculate, based on the GPS information of the TransFollow Drive app and the generated traffic information from our partners, the actual Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). If this is on time, this status will be indicated on the dashboard. When the ETA is at risk or late this will also be communicated on the dashboard.

Note: the ETA is calculated without taking into account waiting and resting times during transport.

Updating ETA automatically

Due to the connection with the TransFollow Drive Application which is connected to Google Maps, TransFollow can calculate the Estimated Time of Arrival according to the fastest route to the next location of pick up or delivery. When Google indicated a traffic jam or a detour, the results we be calculated by the TransFollow Datahub and will be showed on the TransFollow Portal.

Tracking your active transports on the map - Paid module

The map on the dashboard presents the place of pick-up and place of delivery. By enabling the route, a black line represents the driven route. The symbol of the truck represents the current location of the driver if the GPS tracking is activated on the TransFollow Drive. The colours of the symbol of the truck represents the status of the mission: on time, at risk, late.

The indication of the ETA, the location and the remaining time is indicated by the actual online travel information, but does not take resting times or overnight stays into account.


  • Show the current stop of the mission.
  • Show the vehicle and the ETA status.
  • The route of the missions.


Statuses - Paid module

In the map, you can select the different statuses to show the missions with a specific ETA status like ‘on time’, ‘at risk’, ‘late’ or unknown. These statuses are the ETA in relation to the STA. The status 'at risk' starts when the last hour has started and the transport is still half an hour away. When the STA time has passed, the ETA is stated as 'late'. When the GPS coordinates are not found, the status will be shown as 'unknown'.



The different pin-points on the map are the locations of loading (yellow) or unloading (blue) and visualizing the information on the dashboard. You can click on the pin-point to have a preview of information such as driver, transport number, vehicle and the next location of the transport.

Locating the position of the driver on the map - Premium (paid) module

The TransFollow Drive application and integrated onboard computers can activate their GPS-signal for TransFollow to read the GPS coordinates. For this, the driver must enable this in the setting of the Android device and in the TransFollow Drive settings. Doing so, the TransFollow Portal can visualize the locations on the map and calculate the ETA status.