Support - TransFollow Portal


The TransFollow Portal and complimetairy, the TransFollow Drive mobile application for on the road offer a lot of possibilities to create and manage your transports, digital consignment notes and much more!


Free Access 

The TransFollow Portal has a lot of features which can be used for free:

  • Get access to your digital consignment notes
  • Retrieve easily your documents through advanced search capabilities
  • Get access to a dashboard to visualize in real time ongoing and upcoming transports
  • Visualize in real time alerts on ongoing transports if irregularities occur
  • Assign drivers and vehicles on transport orders initiated by your partners
  • Generate reports on historical transports
  • Configure transport events notifications
  • Configure the settings of the TransFollow Drive mobile application
  • Let your drivers manage digital consignment notes shared by your partners trough TransFollow Drive

When wen creating your account, you had the possiblitiy to select your the purposes you wanted use in the TransFollow Portal. To change the settings of the TransFollow Portal, as have all features available configure the features your company needs, by clicking on the button below.

Manage Transports

With TransFollow Portal, you pay according to the amount of transportation legs (loading/delivery combination) you create and manage. You purchase the number of TransFollow credits you need and for each loading/delivery combination, one credit will be taken from your total credit balance. The credit unit price is depending on the total amount of credits you purchase.

  • Create transport orders
  • Use of TransFollow Drive to let your drivers manage your own digital consignment notes
  • Share transport information with your partners and customers
  • Share digital consignment notes with your partners and customers
  • Manage your partners
  • Manage your assets (vehicles and drivers) and locations (places of pickup and delivery)
Pricing range:
  • 1 - 49 : €0.80 per credit
  • 50 - 99 : €0.75 per credit
  • 100 - 249 : €0.50 per credit
  • 250 - 999 : €0.45 per credit
  • 1000+ : €0.40 per credit


Dispatch Missions And Track Your Fleet (Paid Module)

  • Dispatch loading and delivery missions to your drivers
  • Use of TransFollow Drive to let your drivers manage their missions through a pre-configured workflow
  • Get an estimated time of arrival for each ongoing transport
  • Manage by exception by easily visualizing delayed transports and alerts on exceptions that could occur
  • Track your fleet on a real time dashboard
  • Visualize your vehicles on a map

Pricing model: €9.95 per month per driver and vehicle having an activated TransFollow account.