Support - TransFollow Portal

Planning Tool

The Planning Tool lists all the upcoming and issued transports, ready to be assigned to drivers and vehicles.

Planning the transports by assigning drivers and vehicles in the Planning Tool

The Planning Tool lists all the upcoming and issued transports. In the Planning Tool, you can assign the driver and the vehicles to the created transports. Assigning the drivers and vehicles to the transport operations is often the last step in the process of creating the transport operation and corresponding document.

The Planning Tool presents the Transport number, Order number, Client, Carrier and Status of the transport. In the second bar, the information regarding the Type, For / From, Location, STA, Driver / Vehicle (Once Assigned), Document Number is presented.


Assigning driver(s) or vehicle(s)

On the right side of the screen, all your drivers and vehicles are presented. Once you want to assign a Driver or a Vehicle to the trip, click on the driver and drag and drop the element to the appropriate mission or to the entire transport.

When you would like to remove the driver or vehicle from the transport, you can click on the red cross. You can also select multiple transports to assign drivers or vehicles to these transports in one go. The drivers and vehicles can be assigned once the transport is ready to start. The drivers and vehicles can still be modified after issuing the transport(s).

The accounts for the drivers and the vehicles can be created and managed in the ‘Assets’ screen. Click here for more information on the TransFollow Drive accounts.


Is your transport is not appearing on the list in the planning tool?

Ensure your transport is issued. Go back to the Transport detail page and click on 'issue' button of a transport operation.

Ensure that you have the Carrier role: your company, identified with the email uniquely identifying your company in TransFollow (check this in the company administrative screen), must be mentioned as carrier on the transport.

Retrieving a specific transport operation

All upcoming transport are presented in the overview in the Planning Tool. To search a specific transport, you can use the search bar on the top of the screen or use the filter to make the presented selection more specific. The filters you can use are; to start or ongoing.