More efficiency and insight into car transports with the eCMR TransFollow


As one of the largest car wholesalers in the European market, Network4Cars recently switched from paper-based consignment notes to TransFollow's eCMR, effectively digitizing their transport processes. Based in Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands, Network4Cars has a team of 60 international professionals who serve numerous customers across Europe on a daily basis. Cars are purchased from various locations throughout Europe and are then further traded to car dealers, rental companies, and leasing companies both locally and from the headquarters on a B2B basis.


These purchased cars of course need to be transported, and Network4Cars recently started using TransFollow's digital consignment note for this process.


Insight into two transport workflows is required

Network4Cars was founded 22 years ago with a mission to always provide partners in the automotive trade with the best deal at the right time. For the delivery of new or used cars, it is essential that transportation is carried out under their control and that the operation runs smoothly.


Patrick Weinans, Logistics Manager at Network4Cars, explains: "Regarding transport, we have two transport workflows that we want to track using the eCMR: the flow from suppliers to warehouses and from warehouses to customers. The cars we purchase from a supplier are first transported to a warehouse. After the car is sold, the transport is also arranged from the warehouse where the car is stored to the location of our customer. With approximately 5,000 car transports annually, the switch from paper CMR to eCMR is an absolute game-changer in our daily work."


Faster insight into transport status and earlier invoicing

In the past, Network4Cars relied solely on paper CMRs, and there was no real-time visibility into the transports. They had to wait until the physical CMR document was in their possession, causing delays in obtaining the desired information. However, with the adoption of eCMR, Network4Cars can now enjoy immediate access to transport status updates, enabling them to expedite their invoicing processes.


Patrick Weinans explains: "Since we have a lot of cross-border transports throughout Europe, it also takes longer to obtain paper CMRs. It can take up to 3 weeks after the delivery of a car to receive them. This has the disadvantage that it also takes longer for us to handle the invoicing. That's why our carriers are also eager to work with the eCMR because invoicing can take place a few weeks earlier."


Reduction in administrative tasks

Another significant advantage for Network4Cars is that they now save a lot of administrative work with TransFollow. "It is important for us to know whether, and especially when exactly, a car has been loaded or unloaded. Currently, we have an employee who is almost full-time busy with administratively handling all car transports and monitoring transport statuses. With TransFollow, we immediately receive real-time information in our own system when a driver signs, which is also a significant time-saving in terms of labor."


For Network4Cars, another benefit of the digital consignment note is that the information is accurate and complete. Processing a paper CMR takes a lot of time, and trying to understand handwriting on a paper CMR is also time-consuming. "Not all comments or truck numbers on a paper CMR are easy to read. With TransFollow's eCMR, that is a problem of the past."


First trial of the digital consignment note

The full rollout of TransFollow at Network4Cars will take place after the summer. However, initial tests and trial runs have already been conducted using TransFollow's eCMR. Patrick says, "It took some time for the drivers to get used to it because it's completely digital instead of a paper CMR consignment note. The first test transports were successful, so we will soon launch a campaign to inform our own carriers about the eCMR. We also want to carefully consider a suitable integration for each transporter."


Smooth integration of TransFollow and pleasant collaboration

"We have had a very positive experience with our collaboration with Beurtvaartadres (TransFollow’s Dutch partner). Our IT team found it to be a great project to work on. Moreover, the feedback and result are very pleasant and efficient. All in all, we can conclude that we are very positive about working with Lindsay Postel, Marcel Salakory from Beurtvaartadres."