TransFollow confirms its highest security standards through rigorous Penetration Testing


TransFollow recently underwent a comprehensive penetration test conducted by an external third party, reaffirming our commitment to the safety and security of our products, platform and business principles. The results underscored the effectiveness of our proactive security measures, as no significant findings were identified. The findings categorized as low risk have been mitigated, continuously improving the highest security and safety standards offered via TransFollow.


As a leading transport digitalization solution provider, TransFollow recognizes the critical importance of ensuring the security and integrity of our systems to maintain the quality of our digital services and uphold the trust of our users. Therefore, we conduct penetration tests regularly to ensure our system maintains a high standard of security and complies with cybersecurity regulations.


At TransFollow, we continuously monitor our systems, proactively identify potential risks, and implement robust security measures to mitigate emerging threats. Additionally, we are certified according the ISO27001 standard and hold relevant certificates. Users of TransFollow can trust that their transport information is well-protected, and that they can rely on the secure and efficient use of the TansFollow products.


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