TransFollow and Usyncro join forces with – Another step forward uniting supply chains!


TransFollow, the e-CMR platform of choice for many of the world's leading businesses, today announced a partnership with Usyncro, a solution that digitalizes global trade operations. This strong partnership will add great value for both our users, by providing international operating companies the ability to simultaneously carry out the digital management of customs procedures and the issuance of the TransFollow e-CMR as an integrated freight document.


The combined value of both platforms

Starting from this release, supply chain stakeholders are able to also manage customs procedures, importing, exporting, or financing/insurance processes while using e-CMR provided by TransFollow for creation, issuance, sharing, signing, and archiving of international consignment documents by the combination of both platforms.


This escalated service is already in a Proof of Concept stage on real trips carried out by TransFollow and Usyncro. The implementation aims at digitally collecting all the documentation related to the transit of goods between countries and the detection of new use cases during the process of generating customs documentation, and a preselected group of logistic companies/freight forwarders/exporters will be formed to have a head start on experiencing this new product.


The participating companies are offered access to the integrated functionalities of both platforms at no cost for a certain period, and they are able to try out all features based on their daily transport operations. These companies are invited to share their experiences helping us better identifying and detecting improvements via natural cases to ensure a more holistic solution that can be applied to all possible scenario needs from every supply chain player.


Join us and experience it at no cost

The deployment has embarked at the end of 2021 and the participating companies can centrally access the generated documents, which will have visibility for all the parties involved in the transport. All documentation will be traceable, secure, and validated by the users themselves, following conventional Blockchain rules. At present, the Proof of Concept stage is still open for proactive candidates. We want to invite you and offer you access to all the functionalities of our platforms at no cost. Join us and become a pioneer in this industry!


The vocation of this Alliance is to be able to provide the portfolio of services of both companies, in any country, to any company profile, and in any circumstance of use. In TransFollow we have found the best partner to carry it out. Both companies agree on the strategic need to simplify the processes of carriers and to offer them the tools to support their digitization," says Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro.


We have found in Usyncro the perfect addition to our services and a long-standing partner in our mission to generalize the use of e-CMR overall, since it ensures us the gateway not only to the integrated digital management of customs procedures, but to the rest of its portfolio of services, such as financing, insurance contracting, or the automation and optimization of tasks through artificial intelligence”, comments Hans Lip, COO of TransFollow-Viaservice.


This new integrated offering is one more giant leap forwards uniting  supply chains and it will greatly improve the digital experience and its efficiency and security for all possible stakeholders.