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Problem or error during Signing Process

Some companies requested to have the signing process blocked if a warning or error occurs during the TFA signing process. They demand to have all possible warnings and errors be checked and resolved before continuation, and not to have it solved after the transport process is already executed.

Therefore, the TransFollow App will present the required actions according to the warning/error, the driver can try again or abort the mission. After the required action has carried out, the driver continue with their actions. If the error or problem can not be solved, you can always contact support@transfollow.org or your local partner.

Using credits in TransFollow

Credits are required to digitally submit consignment notes on the TransFollow platform. With one credit you can submit one consignment note. Credits are only used by the party submitting the consignment note.

Credits can be obtained via the TransFollow Portal in the payment screen, under the administrative options.

To check your current balance, sign into your account. Your available credits are displayed in the upper left corner of the TransFollow portal.- You can use your credits to submit consignment notes as soon as your credit balance is positive. While you are waiting for approval, you can create draft consignment notes if your enabler supports this function. is not possible to get a refund for unused credits. Unused credits are not redeemable. If you stop making use of TransFollow, your credits will be voided.

You need to pay for your credits before you can start creating consignment notes.