TransFollow and App2Track announce their cooperation to make e-CMR accessible for all transport companies and shippers


TransFollow, the leading e-CMR provider (what is eCMR?) and expert in the supply chain digitalization for the logistics and road transport sector, and App2Track, the Netherlands-based leading drivers' app for transport and home delivery, have formed a partnership. The new partnership will allow more companies, particularly Netherlands-based logistics and transport companies, to benefit from TransFollow's data-sharing platform and the e-CMR solution when allocating their fleets hitting the road. The combination with the widely deployed App2Track solution unlocks the digitalization process for many more transport companies and shippers.


 A joint approach

The cooperation bundles complementary capabilities in a joint approach, combining the advantages of both solutions:

  • Collecting real-time data independent of the source
  • Easily integrating partners into own processes
  • Exchanging profound data
  • Seamlessly tracking transports and flows of fleets across the entire supply chain
  • Optimizing the internal administrations


Compared to other solutions, the approach stands out due to the secure, controlled, and barrier-free data exchange between the market participants' systems.

The partnership between App2Track and TransFollow enables logistics and transport companies to simplify and digitalize their transport operations and administration. By using the TransFollow eCMR – the digital format of the CMR – they can customize their workflow of transport operations to meet their specific requirements in different scenarios. Then, consignors, consignees, and carriers can use the TransFollow Portal - the transport management platform -  to create, plan, monitor their transports, and exchange data.

The App2Track mobile app integrated the TransFollow e-CMR function into the proof of delivery handling of App2Track. Being seamlessly integrated with TransFollow allows users to include the TransFollow eCMR in their workflow without using additional functionalities.

According to TransFollow COO Hans Lip, this cooperation clearly shows how software suppliers should cooperate to support digitalization processes in the transport industry. Being able to offer more value to our customer base is the way forward, despite similar functionalities being offered on both platforms.


About TransFollow

TransFollow is the standard for the e-CMR, the digital consignment note. It is the most innovative Datahub solution for the transport and logistics market today and a product of Viaservice BV based in Amsterdam. Viaservice is focused on developing and delivering products and services that increase efficiency in the freight transportation industry. The TransFollow Datahub solutions (including eCMR) enable shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, and customers to collaborate in real-time within TransFollow's secure data platform. Companies can integrate TransFollow with their existing IT systems, such as ERP, TMS, WMS, and FMS systems, or proprietary solutions and collaborate in real-time with their customers, partners, and service providers in a transparent, efficient, and secure way. The TransFollow solution helps shippers, carriers, and consignees digitalize their transports. And it also empowers them to achieve greater connectivity, transparency, and efficiency in the road transport sector, with real-time data sharing, reduced administrative errors, lower handling costs, and faster invoicing.


About App2Tack

App2Track is the leading app for digitizing the transport process in the vehicle. App2Track relieves and supports drivers, delivery employees, and bike transporters during loading or delivering goods to depots and warehouses until the front door. As part of Optimizers, we work with more than 180 employees from Nijkerk, Zwolle, Groningen (NL), and Stockholm (SE). As a fast-growing multinational, it supplies SaaS software and mobile apps for the supply chain, e-commerce, and transport & home delivery. With strong brands such as TweakwiseCore-suite, and App2Track, Optimizers specializes in the entire Order-to-Delivery chain.