Riva Logistic & Service adopts TransFollow for paperless transport in preparation for Italy’s e-CMR ratification


The Italian leading transport company takes a digital shift to achieve a paperless supply chain with the TransFollow solution.


Riva Logistic & Service s.r.l, the Italian transport company, is set to enhance their logistic services by digitizing their transports through TransFollow. Headquartered in Italy, Riva Logistic & Service specializes in road transportation for full cargo and unit loads across Europe, with their smart vehicle fleet which equipped with a satellite system for rapid communication and instant tracking of vehicles. By implementing TransFollow e-CMR, Riva Logistic & Service is able to achieve a paperless transport operation. This move aims to ensure secure, damage-free and fully communicated deliveries, with reduced costs, less error proneness and increased transport efficiency.



The backdrop for this digital transformation is Italy’s progressive stance on e-CMR ratification. In April 2023, the Italian government accepted a conceptual legislation to join the UN e-CMR protocol. As a Italy-based transport company, Riva Logistic & Service positioned itself ahead of the curve and eager to get themselves ready for the imminent paperless supply chain. Last year September, Riva Logistic & Service joined a project called ‘e-CMR Italy’ led by Uniontrasporti. The project focuses on testing and promoting the use of the e-CMR in the Italian context, paving the way for the official ratification of the e-CMR protocol.


In this project, TransFollow was invited as a leading transport digitalization provider(including the e-CMR). Riva Logistic & Service successfully conducted a 3-month pilot with TransFollow's e-CMR. The results were impressive, with nearly a hundred international transports digitally processed, achieving a remarkable completion rate of more than 94% of successfully managed e-CMRs.



Riva Logistic & Service particularly valued the ease of use, the real-time disposal of proof of delivery with the TransFollow e-CMR, which facilitated immediate invoicing, and the real-time tracking of all transports events, especially during loading and delivery. Buillding on this success, Riva Logistic & Service has extended the partnership and decided to be fully integrated with TransFollow solutions. Currently, Riva Logistic & Service has integrated with TransFollow Connect(API) for their back-office administration, while their drivers use the TransFollow Drive App for managing assigned transports on the road. This digital shift positions Riva Logistic & Service at the forefront of the digital wave, ready to navigate the evolving landscape of Italy's e-CMR ratification and beyond.


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