TransFollow partners with ABMN – aTrans to offer the e-CMR in Spain and Portugal

TransFollow empowers ABMN’s TMS, aTrans, with its e-CMR solution, unlocking the use of the e-CMR to the majority of their customer base.


TransFollow, the digitalization solution provider, announces a partnership with ABMN - aTrans, a logistics software system in the Road Freight Transport sector, to strengthen digital capabilities of goods transports via the e-CMR (or electronic consignment note) implementation, improve the digitalization of the management process and solve operational complexity for consignors and consignees.

ABMN's TMS solution, aTrans, is designed to facilitate the digitalization of the road freight transport sector by centralizing information, dematerializing processes, controlling costs, and improving customer service. Recognizing the key role of the e-CMR in the digitalization process, aTrans has chosen to integrate TransFollow's e-CMR solution into its system through TransFollow Connect (API). This integration allows all aTrans users to seamlessly transition to digital transports without the need for modifications to their existing technical environment.

With the introduction of e-CMR, users of aTrans can simply create an e-CMR transport within the system and start gaining benefits from their digitalized transports. “The decision to incorporate e-CMR into aTrans, through the partnership with Transfollow, is a huge step in the dematerialization of documents, in controlling the process of delivery and receipt of goods, in the fluidity of information and, consequently, in customer satisfaction” stated Rui Novais, CEO of ABMN.


Currently, aTrans has customers utilizing e-CMR in Portugal and Spain, showcasing the positive impact on the transport process, particularly in scenarios involving multiple entities, countries, and complexities. The implementation of e-CMR in aTrans has accelerated the exchange of information, ensured the successful delivery of goods, and fostered collaboration between contractors and subcontractors, ultimately leading to improved client satisfaction.

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