Spain makes the use of the digital consignment note mandatory, as of September 2024

On 13th December 2022, the Council of Ministers of Spain, has approved the Law of Sustainable Mobility Draft and submitted it to the Parliament for further approval in 2023, thus fulfilling one of the objectives of the Recovery, Transformation Plan and Resilience (PRTR) agreed with the European Commission.

This draft incorporates, in its eighth transitory provision, the following obligation:

1. The required administrative control document for carrying out public transport of goods by road, regulated in Order FOM/2861/2012, of December 13, must necessarily be digital as of September 1, 2024.


España aprueba el uso obligatorio de la Carta de Porte a partir de Septiembre del 2024


And it is that, after the approval in the second reading, the Law will enter into force throughout the coming year, which will make it possible to have a fundamental tool to promote the decarbonization and digitization of transport.


The use of the digiital consignment note becomes mandatory in Spain

The approval of this obligation implies Spain reinforces the digitalization in the transport sector to become imperative for all supply chain stakeholders, and will make use of the digital waybill mandatory starting from September 1, 2024.

This action from the Spanish authority does not come up surprisingly, as earlier in 2020, the entire Spanish supply chain has already made the commitment to support the industry going digital by implementing the eCMR. And now by updating the Law of Sustainable Mobility Draft, the country established a new regulatory framework to prepare all the stakeholders with a more  and operation-convenient environment for the use of eCMR, and of course, it urges not only Spanish transport members to take actions, but also effects international companies who are involved in their transport.

TransFollow eCMR prepares you to embrace the digital future effortlessly

TransFollow, as the standard eCMR provider, its innovative Datahub solution including eCMR has been recognized earlier at the Spanish state level for Spanish Intra-community VAT exemption processes, and many companies have started using the TransFollow eCMR, in order to be prepared for the digital change and be ahead of the chain.  With the updated policy, TransFollow will continue working and ensuring the digital waybill(e-CDP), the Digital Control Document (e-DdC), and the eCMR remain available and easy to be used for all supply chain stakeholders.

The implementation of the TransFollow eCMR will:
  • Boost efficiency: increase the overall efficiency and transparency of the transport operations
  • Close the communication gap between partners: real-time data sharing between supply chain partners
  • Save greatly: on cost and time
  • Reduce administrative errors and the possibility to loss of papers


To date, 34 countries have acceded to the eCMR protocol. Spain is one of the first countries to establish a national-level mandated policy in response to the inevitable trend of transport digitization, and it won't be the last. With this as a foundation, the use of eCMR will soon be widely adopted, having a sustainable impact on the supply chain sector globally.