Igarle Group, Spain’s leading TMS provider integrates TransFollow’s eCMR solution

We are delighted to announce that TransFollow partners with the leading Spain’s TMS provider group – Igarle Group, together to offer a comprehensive solution with the eCMR that not only enhances the visibility, efficiency, and data security of your transport, but also eliminates papers throughout your entire operations.


Igarle Group is a collective of companies with nearly 30 years of experience in the logistics and transportation software sector. Dedicated to shaping a digital future for the supply chain, the group focuses on interoperability and digital synchronization between companies to establish a transparent environment for seamless data exchange.


In line with this shared mission, the partnership between TransFollow and the Igarle Group was formed, leading to the successful integration of TransFollow's eCMR solution into the Igarle Group's platforms.


Through the integration of TransFollow's innovative data-sharing platform, a wider range of chain stakeholders can access and utilize digital consignment notes on Igarle's platforms, completely eliminating paper from the entire operation. This integration not only provides Igarle's customers with comprehensive supply chain visibility but also empowers them to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, our collaborative efforts streamline operations, resulting in substantial savings in administration, paper, and storage expenses for chain stakeholders.