RDV Transport adopts e-CMR: Streamlined operation and communication with drivers and shippers


RDV Transport, a specialized transportation company operating in France and the United Kingdom, has recently adopted the TransFollow solution to start digitally managing their transport documentation and forwarding operations.



Established in 1991, RDV Transport has a professional team and an impressive fleet of 220 trucks, 330 trailers and Tautliner coil carriers, providing comprehensive services that include cross-docking, secure parking, multiple washing stations for all types of vehicles. With an annual transport distance exceeding 15 million kilometres and 24,000 crossing to United Kingdom, RDV Transport is well-equipped to meet diverse transportation needs between United Kingdom and the Europe.


This month, RDV Transport successfully initiated their first e-CMR-enabled transport, marking a significant milestone. Switching paper-CMR to TransFollow -CMR (digital consignment note) empowers RDV Transport to access real-time delivery updates and seamlessly share transportation data with their shipper clients, drivers, consignees, and all stakeholders involved in the chain. The result is substantial cost savings and enhanced efficiency.


"For us, there are several benefits to digitizing the CMRs (Consignment Note). Firstly, we aim to streamline and improve the quality of communication between our drivers and our clients. This also allows us to collect data more rapidly and significantly reduce the billing time. Lastly, we must not forget the driver's comfort by simplifying the document completion," explains Franck Zielinski, Director of Operations at RDV Transport."


"Transports RDV sets the standard in international transportation, and we are thrilled to have them as valued members of our network. Their promptness and adeptness in leading the integration project have enabled us to access the operational aspects in record time. We commend the collaborative and constructive approach of their IT and project teams. With a fully integrated IT ecosystem, a proprietary TMS, and enhanced mobility, Transports RDV empowers our operational teams, drivers, and administrators to have a streamlined experience, ultimately maximizing the benefits of using e-CMR TransFollow with full transparency of utilization." - Guillaume Salembier, France Manager"