Nidaplast Embraces Digital Transformation with TransFollow eCMR for Streamlined Logistics Management

Nidaplast, a leading company specialized in innovative honeycombs panels for construction and industrial sector, has decided to digitize their transports with the TransFollow eCMR. By making this digital shift, Nidaplast’s transports will go paperless, and it will improve the overall efficiency and visibility of its logistics management through the use of TransFollow's innovative data-sharing platform.



Headquartered in France, Nidaplast designs and manufactures lightweight core materials for exterior fittings, and more than 2 millions of their products were sold worldwide. With a diverse clientele and a global presence, Nidaplast faces the challenge of managing complex logistics flows to ensure the efficient handling of their domestic and international deliveries. To address this logistical challenge, Nidaplast has chosen to replace physical consignment notes (CMRs) with digital consignment notes (eCMRs), enabling enhanced visibility into transportation data and substantial cost savings associated with transport documentation.

By implementing TransFollow's eCMR solution, Nidaplast stands to benefit from several key advantages that will contribute to the optimization of their operations:


  • Real-time tracking: TransFollow provides comprehensive visibility into ongoing shipments, allowing Nidaplast to know the precise location (GPS) of its products at any time. This reduces the risks of loss, theft, or delays, while providing transport planners up-to-date information to promptly address exceptional circumstances.


  • Streamlined collaboration: TransFollow's platform facilitates seamless communication and information sharing between Nidaplast, carriers, and customers. This optimizes coordination and reduces communication errors, enhancing operational efficiency across the supply chain.


  • Automation of administrative processes: With TransFollow, Nidaplast can automate documentation processes such as generating delivery notes, confirmation of receipt, and invoices. This simplifies administrative tasks and minimizes the risk of manual errors.


This digital shift marks a significant milestone in Nidaplast's pursuit of operational excellence and reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional service to its clients and partners globally.