User case: LIS AG

TransFollow’s digital consignment note is the basis for sustainable innovation, which not only saves paper, but also gives the industry an advantage of 180 to 200 million euros.

Logistics Information Systems (LIS) already has the standard interface that facilitates the use of the digital consignment note (e-CMR).

“The integration with TransFollow brings a transparent digital supply chain one step closer. More and more customers are switching to digitisation of the document flow associated with the logistics services. A transition that is made possible with WinSped®. With the current standard interface between TMS WinSped® and TransFollow, LIS offers its customers great added value.” – Jos Zomer, Regional manager Benelux, LIS AG

LIS makes e-CMR possible for BAS Group B.V.

The pilot with the logistics party BAS Group combines the functionalities of TransFollow, Trimble and LIS into a digital information service that is practically applicable in the Benelux and legally sound. The consignment notes plays an important role in BAS Group’s logistics model, particularly due to the number of consignment notes that the service provider generates on a daily basis. For LIS, BAS Group was therefore a logical partner in the development of the interface. Improving efficiency, sharing digital data and environmental and safety benefits are elements that are assessed in the letter.

The interface that reads the information from BAS Group’s TMS WinSped® into TransFollow’s digital consignment note is entirely incorporated into the WinSped® Konverter. This mapping tool, developed in-house by LIS, connects systems by translating, enriching and communicating data. After the development, BAS, LIS, TransFollow and telematics supplier Trimble together entered an extensive test period, during which all possible applications were tested.

Integration is the digital magic word

LIS shares TransFollow’s vision on digital data exchange. The bundling of digital data from different systems reduces the number of actions, the risk of errors and thus the transaction costs.

TransFollow’s digital consignment note fits seamlessly with the transport management system WinSped®, which LIS has been developing since 1980. WinSped® is an open ICT solution with universal, powerful interfaces. All relevant data from the supply chain is stored in a central database. Integration is the digital magic word: on the one hand with systems that deliver data and on the other hand systems that use the information generated by WinSped®.