FALK Bouwsystemen optimizes its production process with TransFollow eCMR


FALK Bouwsystemen is a company from the construction sector producing sandwich panels and profiled sheets for roofs, walls, and facades of buildings. The products from FALK Bouwsystemen are served across Europe. The switch to TransFollow eCMR enables FALK Bouwsystemen to save time and paperwork for the administration process, and generally optimize the entire production of its huge annual production volume.



falk bouwsystemen



The company has two production lines, both located at the Kievitsmeent in Ede and the production lines run 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. With the collaboration with Beurtvaartadres, FALK Bouwsystemen made its digital step forward to equip its system with TransFollow eCMR. Beurtvaartadres is one of TransFollow’s distributors and helps any companies who plan to optimize the administration process and make their first step with TransFollow eCMR.


Save time & reduce paperwork

Production planner Hendry Jansen of FALK is looking forward to this change: “ We produce 4 million square meters of sandwich panels every year and take them away. This leads to a lot of paperwork. That is why we are switching to TransFollow's eCMR. This gives us insight into the logistics process. And saves a lot of time and paper.