Upgraded TransFollow iOS Drive App, from the app to the digital ecosystem


Earlier this week, TransFollow launches its latest version of the Drive App. Users with an iOS device can now download the TransFollow Drive app in the Appstore. The app that links the driver/vehicle with their back-office and shares real-time updates with your all-involved partners, is now available for a broader user base.


TransFollow Drive App was unveiled in 2018 as a handy, integrative mobile application that enables your drivers to manage their daily missions and streamline the transport operation process. The upgrade allows you to view, edit, and sign eCMR on your iOS smartphone and greatly simplifies and digitalizes your driver’s administration.  Your transport becomes more manageable, efficient, and sustainable.


With the iOS TransFollow Drive app, your drivers can:

  • Log in with Access Code
  • View and open eCMR on an iOS device
  • Add comments and attachments to the eCMR
  • Sign your eCMR with “Sign-on-glass” signature method


What is access code?

An Access Code is secret information that you can share with your subcontractors allowing them to access freight documents of the transport order without the need of having a TransFollow user account. Your subcontracted parties can then use TransFollow Drive App and enter this code instead of logging in.

Access code can be created when the transport planner creates a transport through the back-office environment (TMS, ERP, proprietary solution) connected to TransFollow Datahub or through the TransFollow Portal. When the mission is assigned and issued to the driver, he will be able to manage all freight transport documents linked to the dispatched mission by entering the access code he received per email.


View and open an eCMR



how to sign a ecmr TransFollow

Add comments and attachments

Adding attachments (comments or files) to your eCMR is possible. If there are any extra information you want to add on your transport document, you can do so by adding your files/comments, and the final eCMR of the transport will be including your imported information.



With the latest iOS version of TransFollow Driver App, the drivers, consignor and consignee can sign the TransFollow eCMR via the signature method of “Sign on glass”:


how to sign an ecmr TransFollow


Would you like to know more abut the TransFollow eCMR? Contact us right away and try for free!