Spain | TransFollow eCMR integrated in the Meribia TMS ensures comprehensive efficiency with reduced cost


 Meribia teams up with TransFollow, enabling transport companies to achieve an impressive 80% reduction in both time and costs through the eCMR.


Meribia, the transport management software operating under Unicom, has enhanced its digital solution by seamlessly integrating TransFollow eCMR into its TMS system, offering the possibility to issue and manage digital consignment notes to their wide range of clients.


Founded in Spain in the 1990s and expanding internationally in 2002, Meribia is one of the longest-standing management software providers in the Spanish market. Today, it supports over 500 transport companies across Europe and Latin America with its various IT solutions. This partnership empowers Meribia to generate digital consignment notes (eCMR) directly within its system. This facilitates seamless information exchange among all stakeholders in the logistics chain, including shippers, carriers, and consignees.

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As a result, Meribia's clients can immediately gain the benefits of digitized transportation by implementing TransFollow eCMR. These advantages include significant time savings at every stage of the process: cost reductions through swift billing, enhanced validity for inspections and claims, and real-time monitoring of transport status.


Alma Maldonado, CEO of Unicom, expressed their enthusiasm for this technological advancement, "We are delighted to incorporate TransFollow's cutting-edge technology into our Meribia Transport software, as it represents a significant improvement in the service we offer our clients, providing instant access to all transport documents in our eCMR."


“The integration with TransFollow allows Meribia to create and issue digital freight documents under the eCMR protocol, the global standard for road transport. In this way, our clients achieve up to 80% savings in time and cost in the loading and unloading, scanning and billing processes, while improving the tracking of merchandise. In addition, it enhances the validity of inspections”, Rafael Martínez, General Director at Unicom.


“For TransFollow this is another major step in the digitalization process for our Spanish customers and market. With the integrated connection we now have established with Meribia/Unicom, we can offer more customers the advantages of using the digital consignment note (eCMR) directly in their TMS environment without any change in user experience” from Hans Lip, COO of TransFollow, “This step shows that Spain is ready to adopt our products and working together with major software providers like Meribia, ensures those customer remain connected and can expand their digitalization efforts.”