Introducing a new way to connect everyone within supply chains, elevating visibility to a whole new level with TransFollow Messenger.

This simple yet revolutionary solution keeps drivers, whether part of your team or subcontracted, connected with your back office and easily performing transport missions, all through their favorite messaging apps! No extra apps or costly systems needed. Eliminate blind spots and ensure clarity and transparency for everyone involved.

No more blind spots

Maximize visibility and control over your supply chain. Track every link, eliminate blind spots, ensure clear driver communication, and respond swiftly to any issues.

Truly plug & play

No need for extra apps or gadgets! Drivers can effortlessly manage everything with their favorite messaging tools - WhatsApp, Telegram, or Viber.

Fast onboarding

Drivers can onboard themselves in under 30 seconds! No training or sign-up required, just use a phone number to hit the road right away.

Plan, dispatch, track
It's really that easy!

TransFollow Messenger offers the possibility to dispatch transport orders to drivers directly on their preferred Messaging App


✔ Perfect for subcontracted fleets! No need to install an app, managing everything seamlessly through WhatsApp, Telegram, or Viber
✔ Simple and intuitive onboarding; no training is required
✔ Customize your mission workflow to fit perfectly with your operational needs
✔ Gain real-time visibility into all your transport operations
✔ Communicate easily, in real-time and automatically in the driver's preferred language.
✔ Track and trace your fleet in real time when used in combination with TransFollow Drive
✔ Enable the full eCMR lifecycle management when used in combination with TransFollow Drive

Achieve up to 100% visibility 

Unlock full transport visibility, reaching up to 100% clarity and reducing blind spots from 30% to 65%, typically found in your subcontracted transports. Our advanced ETA and GPS tracking enhances transport accuracy up to 98%, ensuring your operations are more predictable and efficient than ever before.


Elevate your supply chain game with TransFollow Messenger – where every move is visible, every delivery precise.

Break language barriers with automatic translation 

TransFollow Messenger automatically translates messages to the driver's language, supporting multiple languages to facilitate clear commnucation across European borders.

Enhance your team's coordination and productivity throughout your entire operations.