Currently not using a TMS, FMS, or WMS? The TransFollow Portal is made for you - one portal to digitalize all your transport operations.

The TransFollow Portal is the most straightforward way for you to start digitalizing transports immediately. Visualize and monitor your operations through a real-time dashboard, manage and organize your transport orders, dispatch and share information with your partners, customers, and drivers, manage your transport missions, and digitalize all your proof of deliveries like the eCMR. All of this is available through an easy and intuitive web-based interface.

Easiest way to go digital

With a TransFollow account, you are good to start creating digital transports with documents! Keep all involved partners in the loop with instant updates throughout the operation.

Manage all in one place

No more scattered data or admin errors! Centralize all your partner info, transport details, documents, and planning in one place for streamlined digital management.

Powerful and intuitive

Through one easy-to-use webpage dashboard, you can access all transport management features include:create, dispatch transports with digital documents, gaining full visibility across supply chains.

Inclusive and straight-forward,
we help you go paperless


✓  Seamless Exception Handling:
Gain real-time insights and manage exceptions with our dynamic dashboard, ensuring full visibility and control
✓  Efficient Document Management:
Enable eCMR, POD, customizable templates, and a secure electronic archive for streamlined document handling.
✓  Fast and easy driver onboarding:
Facilitate easy dispatch and communication with drivers throughout the entire operation.

Transport Companies:

✓  Enhanced Transport Management:
Facilitate the creation, management, and collaboration of your transport operations with ease.
✓  Real-Time Track and Trace:
Stay informed with our real-time dashboard, offering complete visibility of your fleet.
✓  Smooth Communication with Drivers:
Engage effortlessly with drivers using automatic translation for seamless communication in their preferred language.
✓  Optimized Fleet Management:
Easily dispatch missions to your drivers, ensuring efficient fleet operations.
✓  Subcontractor Visibility:
Assign missions to subcontractors without needing extensive context. Enable self-onboarding for swift deployment.
✓  Advanced Document Management:
Manage all your transport documents, including eCMR, POD, custom templates, and electronic archives in one place.

Real Time Dashboard


Gain a track and trace overview of all your active transports and their ETAs directly from our dashboard. Get actionable insights from the greater visibility and data flow from your operations to increase your productivity and predictability.


Easily sort and prioritize your transports, focusing specifically on those that require your immediate attention for further exception handling.

Configure Your Own Mission Workflow


Create your transports and their digital documents (e-CMR, POD) in your way. Customize missions to be as minimal or as powerful as you need them to be!

Enjoy flexibility and control in how you create and manage missions, digital documents, and crucial information that matters to your logistics scenarios.

Dispatch Missions to Drivers 


Plan and dispatch your transport, fast.

Drag and drop to instantly dispatch your transports to drivers in less than a second.

Digital Document Management


Centralize your data and documents, no more hunting for answers.

Get rid of physical paper piles and centralize all your e-CMRs, PODs, and custom document templates in one place.

Move your business fast with an organized document database and quickly access information and gain insights for improved performance.