TransFollow has teamed up with to make your digital transition easier


TransFollow is beyond excited to announce our partnership with the globally operating data integration platform United their mission to improve the basic data exchange and thus increase the transparency of transport visibility in logistics, the two companies are teaming up, to help supply chain stakeholders to save time and cost for their administrative operations and eventually accelerate the digital transformation of the industry. is a Germany-based neutral data platform. We are all aware of the environment of supply chains is highly fragmented in many aspects. Billions of interfaces are the result while the need of data availability and exchange is becoming an increasingly critical business asset. This is where comes in, with its innovative solution, centralizing and combining diverse interfaces into a single intelligent and automated solution. It enables logistics companies to exchange data like plug-and-play and it eliminates the need for hundreds of interfaces for individual users with one subscription.



Definitely TransFollow and share the same value that we are both committed to helping logistics companies go digital, by streamlining your internal operations, optimizing the visibility of the transport flow, making data sharable at its full potential. As a result of our shared value driven, TransFollow’s proud product - Datahub including e-CMR solution, has been added to the platform. One of TransFollow’s goals is for our solutions to be as accessible to you as possible. We believe that helping your business run more smoothly should begin with a simpler integration process.



We expect that with Germany joining its e-CMR journey in April 2022, the cooperation will benefit many more logistics companies that are new to the concept of digitalization and want to take their first steps toward transformation, regardless of how big(or small) their company is. From now on, you can easily opt for TransFollow solution on the marketplace and immediately start experiencing our products and reaping the benefits it brings!