With a recent release, TransFollow allows GPS-tracking of each freight document during the entire transport.

Recently, TransFollow released the latest version of the TransFollow App, allowing its users to track the GPS-coordinates during the entire transport. So far, the platform only registered the exact GPS-locations during signing, loading and unloading processes (as well as at intermediate locations).

From now on, account holders have the possibility to request drivers with sub-accounts to turn on GPS-tracking to see the exact coordinates during the trip. In case the driver agrees and turns on the location-tracking on his mobile device, the platform starts to register the exact GPS-coordinates of the device from the moment the driver starts working on a specific freight document. As soon as the driver indicates the start of the loading process or signs the eCMR for pick-up, the location is tracked every 10 to 15 minutes during the trip.

While the exact coordinates of the signing are registered in the App, the Portal and on the PDF-version of the freight document, the GPS-coordinates throughout the transport are only visible when logging into an account on the TransFollow Portal that has access to the information on the eCMR in question. In case the driver does not have internet connection or is offline at a certain point, GPS-coordinates are being registered by TransFollow and being registered in the TransFollow Portal as soon as the driver is back online. With this new functionality, TransFollow further increases supply chain visibility by giving users even more information when following the transport in real-time.

This new development can offer a lot of benefits for all parties involved. For example, when the carrier nears its destination, the location of pick up, or delivery, the sender or recipient stay up to date with the possibility to have insights into the GPS location of the carrier. He can prepare for pick up or delivery of the shipment. This way, the parties are able to reduce the waiting time and make the transports more efficient.

As for now, it is only possible to use the GPS-tracking with the use of accounts or subaccounts. It is not possible to use the GPS tracking with the use of Access codes to give drivers access to the freight document.