TransFollow Portal

Starting from this release our TransFollow Portal users will need to fill in their tax identification type and number when ordering credits. This payment requirement would comply with tax regulations and it streamlines the processing of related files for your finance department.



TransFollow Portal, Connect, and Drive 

Starting from this release all decimals will be shown with 2 decimals after the comma/dot. The upgrade will meet demands for more specific scenarios where TransFollow users require specific units to conduct your business.




TransFollow Connect 

We value our users’ information, thus starting from this release, the Access Code can no longer be retrieved after 10 days a freight document has been signed for delivery in the TransFollow Connect system. Your information will be secured from us in this manner.




Android Integration

Starting from this release we will be providing a software development kit (SDK) to our integration partners. This will make integrating with our Android app intents API easier and reduce implementation mistakes along the way. Please see our technical documentation for further details on how to obtain an SDK. More info on the SDK will follow soon via our various communication channels.