TF Drive / Connect

As from the upcoming release, a submitter of an e-CMR will have the possibility to allow or disallow a driver of a carrier to add goods to an e-CMR by using the TransFollow Drive app.


TF Drive Intents

When using the law compliance intent you can now add the login details you would add when using the login intent. This allows you to both login and use the law compliance intent in just 1 call.


Arrival Time provided by e.g. a board computer can now be used when signing.


Our integration partners can choose to hide the (un)loading times when using the signing intent.


The TF Drive app screen stays on the background after logging out when using the background service.


TF Portal

As from the upcoming release, our TransFollow Portal users will notice that the menu-item “Reports” is missing. This is due to the fact that we have merged the “Reports” menu-item with the “Documents” menu-item. When using the Documents menu-item, users can switch the view from “View as card” to “View as table”, providing the same information as with the former “Reports” menu-item.


TF Connect

As from the upcoming release, our TransFollow connected partners can use one of our latest API features, which makes it possible for a sub-account of a carrier to delegate the rights to a sub-account of a subsequent carrier.


Other work done

After removing the Polish language in the previous sprint, we got the request to add it back into the TransFollow Drive app, so we did.