Italy submitted a concept legislation to adopt eCMR

In April 2023, the Italian government accepted a concept legislation to join the UN eCMR protocol. As a future new member, marking a significant step towards enhancing international trade and streamlining the transportation of goods. Italy's upcoming ratification of the Additional Protocol of the Convention concerning the contract for the international carriage of goods by road (CMR) signifies its commitment to going paperless and will bring the total number of ratified countries to 34.


Italy's central location makes it a significant transit hub for international freight traffic. With this ratification, the country’s logistics sector is able to offer even smoother services to stakeholders, both domestically and internationally. This move highlights Italy's commitment to fostering efficient and secure logistics operations while aligning itself with international standards. By adopting the eCMR, Italy will accelerate the process of freight digitalization not only within the country but also throughout Europe, promoting greater trust and cooperation among nations.


With this wider digitalisation, transport stakeholders will benefit from better supply chain visibility, lowered operational costs, enhanced overall efficiency, and ultimately reduced environmental impact.


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