Murcia / Madrid, June 14, 2021

Master Informática and Viaservice announce the availability of TransFollow eCMR in TRANS2000

Both companies hope that this strategic partnership will allow them to implement content and use eCMR on the most widely used management platform in the country.


Master Informática, the company that has designed and maintains as the leading platform in Spain in operational management for Transport, TRANS2000, and ViaService, the company that has developed the European standard eCMR, TransFollow, digitally connecting shippers, carriers, logistics operators and recipients, today announced that the integrated version of the eCMR TransFollow platform with TRANS2000 is now available.

TRANS2000 is a platform currently used in Spain by more than 400 companies and more than 6,000 active users, which offers, among other features: comprehensive management of all transport processes, profitability calculation, remote operational management and maintenance of the fleet, communication with vehicles, automatic expense allocation, executive reports, process quality management, document scanning and availability of shipping documents and real-time expense analysis.

TransFollow is, de facto, the European standard for digital freight documents, which allows the creation and issuance of both eCMRs and e-CDPs from its clients' systems and which allows all participants in the logistics chain to access real time to shipping events, validation signatures, attached documents, expected and actual times, manage returnable materials, giving access through APPs to drivers and warehouse managers for their integrated management.


A new “journey” for TRANS2000 customers

Juan García Pagés, Managing Director of Master Informática, comments: “The integration of the TransFollow eCMR platform in TRANS 2000 gives us a differential functionality compared to the traditional option based on paper transport documents. It will no longer be necessary on our platform to scan dozens of documents and make them available to our clients’ logistics partners. The generation and supervision of eCMRs is already digital from the beginning, and all the involved parties receive their digital copy at the time of delivery signature.

By incorporating complete traceability in Trans2000, as well as billing availability from the moment of delivery, we are anticipating the needs of the sector and once again putting Master Informática at the technological forefront. Our clients will only have to activate the digital operation from Trans2000 to start carrying out freight documents in digital format, and what better way to celebrate our 30th anniversary than with this great integration!"


A jump in the speed of adoption of the eCMR in Spain

Hans Lip, TransFollow COO, states: “We are aware of the enormous added value that this joint availability offers to transport companies and shippers in Spain. Master Informática is, by far, the largest provider of solutions in Transport and Logistics in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, and we are convinced that this will make a leap forward in the adoption of this new operation in the country. Our market analysis indicates that at least 40% of current Trans2000 customers will evolve in the first year towards digital environments, with a greater or lesser degree of deployment. Furthermore, we are confident that Master Informática will be able to increase its current client portfolio by 10% since we have been detecting this need in the sector for a long time”



About Master Informática

Master Informática began its activity in 1989 as a generic HW & SW provider for every sector companies. It was precisely its customers who were demanding the evolution towards the world of transport in general, forming what could be called "the first R&D+I department focused in logistics”, as M-I absorbed part of clients "Know How" to be able to keep developments in based to own sector needs.

This is how TRANS2000® v.1.0. saw the light, the first IT tool for the transport sector, which has evolved and grown until the current version (v.29.0) becoming the flagship as logistics ERP within the Spanish market together with the different solutions designed to provide a comprehensive service to transport companies regardless of their business profile.