M.soft Worldwide partners with TransFollow to accelerate the digitalization progress through the e-CMR solution


TransFollow, a leading provider of supply chain digitalization solutions, formed a partnership with M.soft Worldwide, specializing in developing software solutions for managing operations in transportation and storage. Through this collaboration, clients of M.soft Worldwide gain the capability to seamlessly generate and issue e-CMRs and manage their transport documents within their mobility solutions. By integrating TransFollow's solutions, M.soft empowers their stakeholders to start their transport digitalization journey effortlessly, enhancing efficiency and visibility without disrupting their existing technical setup.


With 35 years of experience and over 500 credentials across 13 countries and 3 continents, M.soft provides global digital services encompassing TMS, WMS, LMS, Yard Management, Mobility, and Route and Load Optimization. Logistics and environment sustainability is always one of their main focuses. To further align with the evolving digital supply chain landscape, M.soft has integrated TransFollow solutions, by incorporating the TransFollow e-CMR into their systems. This integration enables stakeholders to access more digital benefits including eliminating paperwork, minimizing administrative errors, and simplifying driver’s operations. It also mitigates obstacles among stakeholders caused by supply chain fragmentation, facilitating data sharing across supply chains and nurturing stronger connections with partners.


With its simplicity and compatibility, TransFollow solutions can be easily connected with telematics systems. To date, TransFollow has partnered with more than 40 software providers (TMS, FMS, WMS, etc.), lowering barriers for transport digitalization and making the e-CMR and data exchange solutions more accessible for stakeholders of all sizes and roles.

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