User case: Van de Scheur Logistics

eCMR is the next step for Van de Scheur Logistics

Digitalization and optimization of business processes, more and more transport companies are taking this seriously. Van de Scheur Logistics from Vianen (The Netherlands) has been doing this for quite some years. The next step is the eCMR of TransFollow.

Due to the efficient collaboration with all parties involved, the digital consignment note was implemented within four months, even during the COVID-19 period. The key to success: great internal communication and resolute project management. The first benefits: real-time insights in the transports, less paperwork for the office of the company and digital signing for the drivers.

Van de Scheur Logistics

Van de Scheur is specialized in the safe and efficient transport of unpacked goods. Project manager Brian Meijdam: “We transport everything which doesn’t go as ‘standard’. To transport these goods safely, a lot of expertise and the right material is needed. This is our specialty. We offer our services to other business, but also to private individuals. In addition to machines, we also often transport auction goods. For example, recently we transported a stuffed zebra”.

Digital in practice

Brian: “A few years ago, we decided to start digitalization. Next to all the benefits it offers, our customers are now requesting this as well. They want to know the status of transport, what the times of delivery are and who is going to deliver when.

“That’s why we began in 2017 with the extensive digitalization. This is not done in one week, but step for step and on the job. For the board computers we work with Bumbal. Additionally, we also work with software tools from the same brand in which we plan our agreements, we plan the routes and we take care of the track & trace for our customers”.

TransFollow at Van de Scheur

The last step forward for us is the eCMR of TransFollow, so we can finally say goodbye to the paper consignment note. “In our point of view TransFollow is the only party in The Netherlands which can offer a real integration of the digital consignment note. Especially with the promised support of the professionals at Beurtvaartadres. This appeared to be the case indeed”.

“At the end of 2018 we started to orientate on TransFollow and in 2019 we decided to purchase this. The goal was to implement everything within three months. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite work out, but in four months everything was tested and ‘up and running’. A very nice score for a new and digitized work path.”

Mutual collaboration

To get the job on digitalization done, good communication and collaboration is very important. Brian: “Together with Marcel Salakory, the project manager of Beurtvaartadres, I have managed this project. First, we had a look with Beurtvaartadres to the internal processes to see which steps we had to take. After this, we met with the developers of TANS and Bumbal. 

“The systems had to work together seamlessly. It was very nice having Marcel to take everyone along with him on this process. He knows the process, what had to be done and connects where needed. TransFollow has its own API-connection with the software of TANS. But there wasn’t one with Bumbal yet. This is now established and works very well.

Work processes optimized

“During the implementation we have internally taken the steps which were needed. When the base on the software side was arranged, we began with testing. Especially our backoffice had to go through a lot of change. They are not working with paper anymore. We began with one driver who started to work completely digital and we scaled this up regularly.”

“Now we are driving completely digitally. Now, we have time to spare, because we are working and planning everything more efficient. The implementation phase was very constructive because everybody knew exactly what needed to happen, communicated openly and delivered on promise.

The future

The implementation of TransFollow is nearly ready. So, it’s time for the next step. Brian: “We are certainly taking the next step. First, we optimize further within the possibilities of TransFollow. For example, with the Returnable Transport Items module and intensify the digital collaboration with our customers. And if we get stuck or have any questions, we can call Marcel or one of his colleagues. We look forward to a good digital future!”