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Signing the mission or eCMR

For pick-up or delivery, you can sign the mission or the eCMR and inform your supply chain partners.

Signing the mission or eCMR

Signing process

Indicate your name and select the appropriate signing situation, are you collecting or delivering the freight?


  • Collect at consignor
  • Collect at intermediate location (a location where a driver has previously unloaded the freight, a location between the place of pick up and the place of delivery).


  • Transfer to another carrier




  • Deliver to consignee
  • Deliver to consignee for further inspection
  • Deliver goods at intermediate location (a location where a driver will unloaded the freight, a location between the place of pick up and the place of delivery, to be picked up by another carrier).

Next step: Check and correct the information below if necessary before signing regarding goods, goods totals, seals, RTI, observations. It is also possible to add observations or view the PDF document of the eCMR.

Start the indicated signing inspections. Modify the information when needed or confirm to go to the next step.

  • We enabled a security check on drivers upon arrival at the consignor or consignee by configuration of the freight document. This will be done by using the QR-code scanning to validate the parties.
  • Please fill in the temperature
  • Check the registered times before signing and register the departure.
  • Check references before signing such as order number and temperature.
  • Check vehicles before signing, add vehicle or subsequent vehicle.


Choose a signing method and read here the details of these signing methods:

  • Sign on Glass
  • Sign with QR Code
  • Sign without Approval of the Counterparty
  • Sign while keeping 2 meters distance with the counterparty
  • Scan Company Code

Selecting multiple eCMRs to sign

It is possible to sign multiple digital consignment notes in one go. When you hold your finger a few seconds on one of the eCMR previews you will see a round checkbox on the upper right corner of the eCMR preview with which you can select the digital consignment notes that you want to sign.

You can select a maximum of 30. Then click on the sign button. The further signing process will be the same for you as if a single consignment note would be signed, but make sure that you check the data on the digital consignment notes while signing.