Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan have acceded to the eCMR protocol

We are delighted to announce that Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan accelerate their digitalization in the road transport sector by acceding to the eCMR protocol, becoming the latest ratified countries going paperless.


Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan’s strategic locations are at the intersection of east-west and north-south transport corridors. More than 40 countries of Europe and Asia have their international transport of goods on the road in both countries and make the transit through their territory to other countries. The two countries joining, paved a way for the digitalization expansion in the road transport sector in central Asia, and contributed to the global logistics industry to be more unified.


azerbaijan road transport


By eliminating paperwork, solutions based on the eCMR protocol lower handling costs, eliminate administrative and invoicing delays, and reduce discrepancies at delivery sites. The digital standard also boosts transparency and security across the entire supply chain, providing improved data accuracy to trace transports with real-time access to pick-up and delivery information.


TransFollow, as one of the initiators of the eCMR and current market leader with its product TransFollow Datahub, supports the digital revolution of the industry. We drive the development and implementation of paperless freight transport globally and enable the supply chains to be connected and unified by providing interoperable, legally compliant, and easy-to-use eCMR solution.


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