User case: MobiCoach

Mobicoach is a FMS and was one of the first software providers to connect to TransFollow.

They value customer opinion, flexibility and user-friendliness.

One of the first

First and foremost, we are a great supporter of automation and digitisation. Today there is great potential for progress, partly due to innovations in the field of software but also because of the significant improvement of the mobile network and the related regulations. Why stick to a paper CMR? A CMR is required by law, but let’s help each other simplify the administrative procedures relating to the current consignment note. A digital CMR boosts the efficiency of transport and logistics. Furthermore, we’ve been able to involve one of our customers from the start in the implementation of TransFollow in our own software. Together, we have fully integrated TransFollow in our MobiCoach fleet management solution MobiScout Mobile to achieve a better chain solution together.

Insight and informing all parties involved in the chain

Integrating TransFollow into Mobicoach provides enables us to boost business efficiency within transport companies by means of automation and to minimise the administrative workload for the driver. Because a legally valid digital CMR can be signed when using TransFollow, the paper consignment note has disappeared from the car, as has the overall handling of it. Fleet management should support a driver and his planner in their work. TransFollow fits in seamlessly with this.

The desired result after integration is twofold. As explained above, replacing the paper CMR is an important step towards improving transport efficiency. Equally important is offering insight and information to all parties involved in a chain. TransFollow enables us to update the supply chain about where the goods are and with whom.

Integration process

The integration process is not easy, particularly because not all parties in a supply chain are already linked to TransFollow. The system only comes into its own when goods are registered with, for example, WMS to TMS to FMS have been registered with TransFollow. If a link is not on board, the benefits forfeit.

This is particularly noticeable with transport to and from abroad, for which the CMR is vitally important. Within the European Union, we are working hard to reach an agreement and we are pleased to see that more and more countries are agreeing to the use of e-CMR. At the moment, however, this is not enough, which means that transport companies are postponing the integration of TransFollow and are still driving the paper CMR.

How do your customers react?

Our customers are very satisfied with our solutions. We excel in customising our software to the customer’s wishes and lead the way in the use of a mobile fleet management solution. That satisfaction also applies specifically to the link with TransFollow present in MobiScout Mobile.

  • Theun Schellekens, Support engineer Mobicoach