With TransFollow, Aviko has a partner for the future!


Aviko was founded by 32 potato growers in 1962 and has since grown into a global player. As Europe's largest producer of fresh, frozen and dried potato products and one of the top four global market leaders, Aviko connects people, cultures and tastes at the table. With deliveries to more than 110 countries, more than 30 warehouses throughout Europe and a collaboration with more than 25 carriers, it is a considerable logistics operation for Aviko. Production planning, stock management and transport planning are controlled centrally from the head office in Steenderen. Enough reasons to look for a sustainable and innovative solution for the long term to manage paper flows that are required during transport. Aviko found this at Beurtvaartadres in the eCMR TransFollow.


Sustainability throughout the chain

Frank Scholten is Transport Manager at Aviko, where he has been working for more than 25 years. Together with a team of nine people, he is responsible for worldwide transport within the Aviko Group.

†Aviko attaches great value to sustainable entrepreneurship. In addition to an extensive European network, Aviko has an excellently functioning logistics network for worldwide operations. Sustainability is an important point of attention in this phase of the chain and everything is done to ensure that transport runs as green as possible: fewer 'food miles', more efficient use of logistics and storage and a lower impact on the environment. Thanks to the implementation of the eCMR TransFollow, all parties within the supply chain have the opportunity to work as paperless as possible. In this way everyone can benefit from the smarter and simpler information exchange that the eCMR offers. Because information is immediately known, we can use the capacity to the maximum and realize more efficiency within the supply chain! This saves time,†

“The traditional working method involves a lot of paper consumption. At Aviko we want to minimize that waste as much as possible and eCMR helps us with that. In this way we contribute to a better world.”

Frank Scholten  • Transport Manager at Aviko
TransFollow partner Aviko

Need for information, speed and insight 


“You see throughout the logistics chain that there is a need for information, data sharing and, above all, data consistency. The traditional working method with paper is prone to errors: handwriting is sometimes difficult to read and information can be copied incorrectly. It is actually not of this time to write things about. You do twice as much work because of this, which is just a shame. You want to make this data available to everyone as quickly as possible and ensure that the correct information is transferred. This makes the process less prone to errors.”

“In addition, it generally takes too long before consignment notes with shortfalls come our way. With TransFollow we can find all this kind of information right away in the portal. If I want to view all consignment notes with an exception, I can now see it at the push of a button. We are now closer to the information and we are also offering these benefits to other parties within the supply chain. We are making a huge improvement in efficiency here.”


The power of connection  

“Within logistics, we see many companies that are practically strong. In addition to this 'hands-on' mentality, we want to make companies more aware of the efficiency that digitization and automation entail. At Aviko we believe in the power of connection. We therefore work closely with our carriers. We don't say: 'we're going to do it and we'll sort it out'. No, we will cooperate. Thanks to eCMR, we optimize the process together.”

“Of course, this also requires investment from the carriers. It is important to show them the benefits: less archiving, less scanning, less waiting times, less administration and less paper consumption. In short, an improvement for everyone!” 

“Of course our stakeholders also see the advantages of the digital waybill, it is mainly a mentality. If we have private parcels delivered to your home, we think it is quite normal that you sign digitally.”

Frank Scholten  • Transport Manager at Aviko

Digitizing step by step

“We are now using the eCMR TransFollow for our intercompany flows in the Benelux and are preparing for implementation in the Netherlands. We have built the entire interface with one carrier and we are in talks with the second carrier in the Netherlands. This way we can put the Netherlands and a whole part of Germany live in one go. The fact that Germany now also officially accepts eCMR is good news and a good starting point for the further rollout in Europe. Digitization is gaining momentum. With the eCMR, it is no longer a question of whether several parties will use it, but especially when.”



A partner for the future

“The switch to a digital consignment note brings several advantages for us. In this way we can actively act on our complaints, we limit the use of paper and we contribute to the further optimization of the logistics process. An important part is that we can offer a legally permitted solution for the whole of Europe. And that is possible with the eCMR. With TransFollow we have a partner for the future.”