The TransFollow Drive mobile application is now available in the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal

Today, TransFollow is proud to announce our partnership with Mercedes-Benz Truck. United in their mission to improve the efficiency of the complete fleet, the two companies are helping logistics stakeholders to save time and simplify the handling process of documents by enabling them to digitalize consignment notes (TransFollow e-CMR) on all Mercedes-Benz’s trucks using the TransFollow Drive mobile application. Now the TransFollow Drive App is available in the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal and ready for use.


The TransFollow Drive mobile application is now available in the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal


With Mercedes-Benz Truck embracing TransFollow’s digital solutions for consignment notes, transport operators, truck drivers and fleet managers can easily manage their digital consignment notes(the TransFollow e-CMR), from document creation, and real-time notification, to various options for the signature process. All Mercedes-Benz truck fleets are now able to hit the road without carrying any documents in paper format. This collaboration optimizes the delivery process and ensures an even smoother operation. The TransFollow Drive application is currently available for download on onboard devices in 14 countries as follow:

Belgium (BE), Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Estonia (EE), Finland (FI), France (FR), Germany (DE), Italy (IT), Luxembourg (LU), Netherlands (NL), Slovakia (SK), Spain (ES), Switzerland (CH) and the United Kingdom (GB).


Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal -TransFollow

What is the Mercedes-Benz App Portal?

The App Portal is the marketplace for all truck-related mobile applications. It enables transport operators and fleet managers in the logistics industry to find apps that help them further increase the performance of their truck fleets. Truck drivers have access to all available apps via a clear platform and can then start the installation for individual vehicles or the entire fleet.

Mercedes-Benz App Portal with TransFollow Drive App

Mercedes-Benz App Portal with TransFollow Drive App



What does the TransFollow Drive mobile application provide on the Mercedes-Benz Truck?

The TransFollow Drive App for the digital consignment note (TransFollow e-CMR) offers a.o. the following functionalities:

  • Help you to get rid of all paperwork. Move on to 100% digital with digital consignment notes and eCMR.
  • Clear overview of the freight documents
  • Detailed overview of the content of the freight documents
  • PDF download of freight documents
  • Multilingualism, including Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German and Czech
  • Add comments and/or attachments to freight documents
  • Data sharing: create freight documents and submit them to the TransFollow platform
  • Various signature options include:
  1. TransFollow Approval (QR code)
  2. Sign-on-glass upon pickup and delivery
  3. Company code
  4. Signing code through e-mail
  5. Approval without counterparty.
  • Extensive search capability and convenient status filters
  • The TransFollow solutions are compliant with the rules and regulations for the e-CMR protocol.
  • The TransFollow Drive App can be used by consignors, carriers and consignees.

- Returnable transport items

TransFollow is created “by the market, for the market”. Therefore the solutions are complemented with a Returnable Transport Items (RTI) module. The RTI module enables to create and exchange digital waybills with goods and Returnable Transport Items data, facilitating the structured registration of these goods and RTI’s. By using structured goods and RTI’s in the digital freight note, the supply chain parties can automate their administration of RTI’s and goods.


How to download the TransFollow Drive App on your onboard device?

All you need to use the TransFollow Drive App is a TransFollow account.

If you do not have a TransFollow account yet, you can register it in 1 minute by:


- by selecting "Register" in the TransFollow App or

- by visiting TransFollow Portal

and clicking on "Register" at the top right.