TF Drive

Starting from this release when signing multiple freight documents our TransFollow Drive

users will be able to add vehicles to the freight document rather than to replace the entire vehicle list.

Also new in this release when using the law compliance intent, you can now search by driver name

instead of license plate. See the technical documentation on how to implement this.

Furthermore, at the start of the SignOnGlass process the “Company” field is automatically filled in,

instead of the “Name” field.


TF Portal

Starting from this release our TransFollow Portal users can now enrich the company detail

information with VAT information. Also users can delegate their rights for freight documents that

are in transport. We have made it easier for our TF Portal users to navigate through the TF Portal,

users now can right-click on a menu item to open it in a new tab. Also new is that our users can

see the total amount of documents found based on their search criteria. Finally for the TF Portal this

year, we have updated the Terms & Conditions.


TF Connect

Starting from this release we will introduce the API fleet management key type, with which subaccounts management endpoints can be used.