Kotra Logistics chooses TransFollow to power their digital logistics process


Kotra Logistics was founded in 1880 and is a market leader in the segment of fresh and frozen food transportation, storage, and handling. Every day clients from all over the world are served by Kortra Logistics from its conditioned distribution centers based in the Netherlands, France, and Germany. With a modern and professional fleet of 150 tractor units, 250 trailers, and drivers who speak the customer’s language, Kotra logistics simplified the distance between the production side with the receiver side. As a pioneer in the market, Kotra believes that innovation and sustainability are crucial for them to remain competitive and socially responsible.


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kotra logistics - TransFollow partner



A must change for the future

Henry van Hartingsveldt, Transport Planner at Kotra Logistics: “In recent years we have tried to reduce the paper flow and to organize logistics processes digitally as much as possible. We go through a lot of paper. We have an average of 150-160 cars driving around every day and they carry about 15 to 30 CMRs with them, so the paper is going very fast. By switching to TransFollow's eCMR, we are killing a number of birds with one stone. This way we can reduce the paper flow, the processes are less prone to errors and you have all your information digitally available ”.


TransFollow links all administration platforms into one

“In recent years we have had an app, but it did not get off the ground. It was not a complete application. TransFollow, on the other hand, has arranged everything from A to Z and it is legally tenable, which also differs per application. A well-functioning and fast-working system is very important to us, because it saves you time. And time is very important in our industry. In addition, we are working on even more systems, including a time registration system with an integration of a web fleet navigation. We can link these systems to TransFollow to create one whole. With digitization you often have to deal with different systems next to each other and then it quickly becomes a lot of work, this is not the case with TransFollow”.


How does Implementation and activation roll out?

“We have formed a working group for this process, which includes drivers, planning, ICT and management. We do the implementation ourselves, we have our own IT department. The ICT colleague involved has linked all processes from our TMS system to TransFollow. Fortunately, we can also engage Beurtvaartadres (TransFollow's distributor in Benelux region) for support, as they are an implementation partner of TransFollow. In the next step, we set up test groups to see if it all works well and how it 'communicates' with the other systems. At the moment everything is ready and the first reactions here internally are only positive! The next step is to add the drivers and then we will actively engage with customers. We soon hear from our drivers which customers we can sit down with first and so we will roll out it bit by bit”.


More data will be generated from TransFollow for optimization

“When TransFollow is fully implemented, we want to use the data to extract various lessons from it and thus be able to improve our processes. Of course that's a bit early for now, but that's the plan! In this way we can improve our services for people & the environment, put our customers even more central and remain the market leader in our segment”.