Bos Logistics joins the eCMR TransFollow


TransFollow welcomes that Bos Logistics joined the TransFollow community and now connects to the TransFollow eCMR! For more than 50 years, Bos Logistics has been providing transport solutions for road, air and sea freight for clients over the globe. With its professional fleet and the highest safety and quality certificates, Bos Logistics can manage any scale of logistics assignments and accomplish them with good results. Clients are offered by Bos Logistics fast, efficient and sustainable transport solutions in which ICT plays a central role. Now clients and partners can expect a more digital logistics experience from Bos Logistics as it goes forward with the TransFollow eCMR!


Bos logistics TransFollow partner

Paperless & time saving

Frank Bos Jr, Operational Director at Bos Logistics: “ The eCMR fits in perfectly with our ambition to go paperless. This will eliminate many time-consuming daily tasks, such as sorting out and archiving countless paper waybills. Our employees will therefore have more time available to serve our customers ”.


Sustainable business

Sustainability is one of the important long-term strategies for Bos Logistics and the eCMR TransFollow fits in perfectly with the organization’s vision and mission. “ Bos Logistics strives to coordinate the planning together with its clients, senders and recipients in such a way that as few unnecessary kilometers as possible are covered by our vehicles. A number of vehicles are now running on HVO100, which has reduced the emissions of greenhouse gases from these vehicles by up to 90%. In addition, we work together with our customers to realize the use of E-Trucks on short routes. The implementation of the digital consignment note makes the process less error-prone, more data is available and it provides more efficiency in the entire process ”.


A partner we can rely on

“ It was important to us that we have a partner for the future that we can rely on for this process. The implementation of such an eCMR is not easy and you want to be sure that you receive good guidance in this and that people also think along. The system must also be designed for the future and fully comply with laws and regulations ”. Bos Logistics will gradually digitize more and more: “ when this process is completed, we have agreed with the team that we will continue to look at ways to further digitize our processes ”.