To stay in control of your Consignment notes TransFollow has created the TransFollow Portal, one place where all your consignments are available. Here you can keep track of their status, view their ETA, check who signed them and download your digitally signed copy.

The portal is available via most modern browsers so that you can access them whenever you like and wherever you are.

Efficient and secure

More certainty about shipments and save time and money
TransFollow is the standard for the digital consignment note. TransFollow provides shippers, carriers and receivers with more management and control over the logistics process.Each party can connect to the TransFollow platform and use their own business software to exchange information, receive or deliver digital signatures and monitor the status of a shipment. TransFollow saves you time and money and provides you with certainty about shipments. In addition to the freight document, TransFollow also makes the proof of delivery (POD) available digitally.

Of the industry, for the industry
TransFollow is an initiative of EVO and Transport Logistics Netherlands (TLN). EVO is the knowledge organisation for logistics questions and TLN is the association of undertakings for transport and logistics. These are independent and neutral parties that collaborate on the implementation of the digital consignment note standard.

Switch to TransFollow and save time, money and effort
  • More control for senders, transporters and consignees.
  • More certainty about dispatches.
  • Streamline and reduce administration
  • Simple to connect to your own company software
  • Exchange information quickly, easily and on the move.
  • More efficiency and certainty.
TransFollow Features

Consignment notes

  • Filter your Consignment notes on status and your role on the consignment
  • Find your consignments with discrepancies
  • Adjust the ETA for Pick-up and Delivery of the goods (Carrier only)
  • Get an overview of all Consignment notes you created or you are a part of
  • View the contents of all your Consignment notes
  • View who signed for the Pick-up and Delivery and at what time this happened
  • Download a Consignment note as a digitally signed PDF
  • Total control over your Consignment notes
  • Real-Time insights


Account and Settings

  • Create your TransFollow account
  • Reset your password
  • Change your password
  • The TransFollow Portal is available in all TransFollow languages
  • Change the language we use to inform you about changes to your Consignment notes
  • Change the frequency and the way we inform you about your Consignment notes


Available anywhere, all you need is a browser:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • FF
  • IE11
  • Safari


  • View your credit balance


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