The e-CMR of TransFollow

TransFollow is the standard for the digital consignment note, see all your consignments and where and when your shipment are delivered.

For shippers

  • Management and control of your logistics chain
  • A single standard working method
  • Paperless and practical
  • Efficiency in the logistics chain
  • Insight into pick-up and delivery times
  • Tighter planning and faster invoicing
  • Immediate customer-oriented actions in case of discrepencies

For carriers

  • A single standard working method
  • Better service, higher customer satisfaction
  • No handwritten or printed waybills
  • Fewer telephone enquiries
  • Secure and legal compliant delivery receipts

For receivers

  • A single standard working method
  • Fewer telephone enquiries about shipments
  • Legal certainty with electronic POD
  • Immediate reporting of damage, deficiencies and delays
  • No more scanning and manual filing of waybills
  • Better planning thanks to insight in delivery times

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Transporting dangerous goods means complying with very specific regulations. Regulations that you will find in the international ADR treaty, the Dutch VLG regulations, and the Dutch Act and Decree on transporting dangerous goods. The DGSPortal allows you to quickly find all information you need about the dangerous goods of interest to you. With the focus on packaging and transporting your goods.

The DGSPortal helps you manage the transport of dangerous goods correctly. It contains all the information from the successful TransFollow ADR app. And more! The ADR app has provided you with general information on dangerous goods, the right labelling, exemptions, information on tunnels and the meaning of the orange signs since 2011. DGSPortal allows you to add customized substances to your data. You can organise the portal so that you and your staff have prompt access to specific information on products that are relevant to you.

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Since a couple of years the ADR app is available for free in the Apple appstore and Google Play Store. You consult the ADR data in a user friendly manner. The ADR app has been developed in close cooperation with EVO (Dutch national association of transport users and transporters for own account)  and TLN (Dutch national association for transport and logistics).

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For several years, the ADN app is available in the App Store and Google Play store. The ADN app fits the complex regulations for the transport of dangerous goods in inland navigation in your pocket. And although the skipper is a qualified adviser, the app is also useful for him. TransFollow developed the ADN app in collaboration with the CBRB.

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