Post-Kogeko is an all-round logistics service provider with more than thirty years of experience in conditioned food logistics. Post-Kogeko offers reliable and flexible logistics solutions. Post-Kogeko ensures that your products reach their destination in perfect condition and on time. "In the logistics industry, we are seeing an increasing use of mobile devices. In many cases, this remains limited to use within the company.

Post-Kogeko Logistics has engaged Wayz to look for a platform that will enbable to use mobile devices both within and outside the company. Especially today, when almost everyone has a smartphone, connecting mobile devices to internal software is the next logical step. Beurtvaartadres has taken the first step in this direction, with the development of a platform for the electronic consignment note, known as 'TransFollow'".



Wayz, part of Post-Kogeko Logistics, performs logistics research, gives advice on the optimisation of logistics processes and guides shippers and logistics service providers in implementing innovative and sustainable projects. Based on a structured project approach, we implement profitable process improvements for our clients. We also collaborate with knowledge centres and governments on innovative logistics projects. Our expert team of ICT professionals is responsible for the ICT component of Wayz projects.

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