Beta version of iSHARE available - Testing of data-sharing scheme possible until end of 2017

Delft, 27 June 2017 – Another step has been taken today towards the threshold-free sharing of data in the Dutch logistics sector. Jan Bert Schutrops, President of Vopak Netherlands and chairman of the Steering Group of the Neutral Logistics Information Platform, has taken receipt of the iSHARE beta version. Using this data-sharing scheme, it will be possible for everyone to share data with everyone else in a simple and controlled way from 2018. This includes hitherto unknown parties. TransFollow understands the importance of more intensive collaboration within the logistics chain, which is why it is a partner in the iSHARE project.

The Dutch Top Sector Logistics hopes that the iSHARE project will encourage greater collaboration within the value chain, as it believes that much progress remains to be made in that area. The lack of universally accepted agreements on identification, authentication and authorisation acts as a hindrance to more intensive collaboration in the chain.

“iSHARE is what the sector now needs. With uniform agreements on identity and access management, we are removing a significant impediment to greater collaboration within the chain, while creating opportunities for new business relationships. And that is good news for logistics parties everywhere, and for their ICT suppliers. I am therefore very pleased with the results up to now and with the contributions from all of the co-creation partners,” Schutrops says.

iSHARE: the uniform, simple and controlled way of sharing data

The iSHARE data-sharing scheme will lead to one uniform, simple and controlled method by which parties in the logistics sector can identify, authenticate, and authorise each other. iSHARE is an important building block for establishing a network of trust that will enable everyone to share data with everyone else in due course. And that includes hitherto unknown parties.

Organisations that use iSHARE through their own apps, websites, platforms or programs meet the rules of the data-sharing scheme. These rules ensure that data is exchanged safely, with privacy safeguarded, and that the participating organisations meet the legal requirements.

“Businesses with a digital iSHARE identity will soon be able to gain direct access, based on the data-sharing scheme, to other systems without having to register. This means that you will soon be able to use your login details, from the CargoCard from Secure Logistics, for example, to use a TransFollow digital consignment note.

This will make the process of data sharing quicker. It is good that the logistics IT community is addressing this,” says René Bruijne, General Manager of TransFollow International.

Co-creation: developed and agreed by the logistics sector itself

The last few months have seen a wide variety of logistics parties working intensively on the development of the data-sharing scheme. Organisations large and small, public and private-sector parties, bodies requesting data and those supplying it, and software suppliers have all contributed to the co-creation process. During the next few months, the data-sharing scheme will continue to undergo further testing through Proofs of Concept.

Towards broad-based adoption

The results from the Proofs of Concept will lead to further refinement of the data-sharing scheme. The beta version will eventually be released for broader use.


About iSHARE

iSHARE is an innovative project from the Neutral Logistics Information Platform (NLIP) – an initiative of the Dutch Top Sector Logistics – that will shortly enable everyone in the logistics sector to share data with everyone else in the sector in a uniform, simple and controlled way, including with hitherto unknown parties.


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