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Why should I choose TransFollow?

In 2013 TNO conducted a study into delivery discrepancies or the costs of failures. This independent research shows that in 5% of all deliveries something goes wrong at the first attempt.

Research has revealed the most important causes:

  • 63% of transporters regularly receive careless or incomplete delivery addresses from the client.
  • 51%of transporters often receive incorrect contact details about the delivery location or no contact details at all.
  • 52% of consignees have no information about the delivery time or are caught off guard by a delivery.
  • 39% do not know the delivery location’s delivery window.
  • 27% do not know about unloading equipment and facilities at the delivery location.

The study also revealed that the costs of a delivery where ‘something goes wrong’ are at least four times higher than those of a correct delivery. Another conclusion is: if the communication in the chain is optimal, at least 11% profit can be gained on the last mile.

This is why you should choose TransFollow!
The study highlights the need for a platform for senders, transporters and consignees. A platform that breaks down communication barriers in the logistics chain. TransFollow is a digital solution that increases efficiency and quality throughout the entire chain.

How does the e-CMR work?

TransFollow enables senders, transporters and consignees to work with a single uniform, secure and standardised interface. Submitting, exchanging, following and signing is all totally paper-free. Everyone involved benefits from better
communication, fewer administrative transactions and swifter service for lower costs.

What is the digital consignment note?

TransFollow provides the standard for digital consignment notes. TransFollow gives senders, transporters and consignees more control of the logistical process. Each party can join the TransFollow platform and use their own company software to exchange data, place digital signatures for receipt or delivery and follow the status of dispatches.
TransFollow saves time and money and provides certainty about dispatches. In addition to the consignment note, TransFollow also provides digital proof of delivery (POD).

Work Faster

For shippers
• Management and control over your logistics chain
• A single, standard working method
• Paperless and practical
• Efficiency in your logistics chain
• Pick-up and delivery times in your sight
• More efficient planning and faster invoicing
• Immediate customer-oriented actions in case of discrepencies

For carriers
• A single, standard working method
• Better service, higher customer satisfaction
• No handwritten or printed paper consignment notes
• Fewer telephone enquiries
• Secure and legal compliant proof of delivery
• Faster invoicing

For recipient
• A single, standard working method
• Fewer telephone enquiries about shipments
• Legal compliancy with electronic POD
• Real-time reporting of damage and deficiencies with photos
• Real-time ETA updates
• No more scanning and manual filing of consignment notes
• Better planning due to real-time delivery time information

Be more efficient

Incorrect or incomplete information in the logistics chain leads to delays, extra work and undelivered goods.

Gaining savings of at least 11% in the ‘last mile’ delivery? 
A TNO study showed that a delivery with ’miscommunication and misinformation’ incurs, at a minimum, four times higher costs than that of a for first time right delivery. Secondary conclusions lead to cost savings in "last mile deliveries" of at least 11% by optimizing communications in the logistics chain.

Using TransFollow saves time, money and energy
The benefits:
• More management and control for shippers, carriers and receivers
• More certainty about shipments
• Reduced administrative load and increased savings
• Simple interface with your own business software
• Fast, flexible and mobile data exchange
• Increased efficiency and security

Be more effective

Of all shipments, 5% of first delivery attempts fail
In 2013, TNO carried out research on delivery discrepancies, i.e. failure costs. This independent research showed that something went amiss with 5% of all first shipment attempts.

Why does it go wrong?
According to the TNO study, 5% of all shipments fail because:
• 63% of the carriers regularly receive inaccurate or incomplete delivery addresses from the client
• 51% of the carriers often receive incorrect delivery addresses or contact info or do not receive these at all
• 52% of the receivers do not receive information about the delivery time or are taken by surprise by a delivery
• 39% of the time windows at the delivery location is not known
• 27% of the unloading resources and facilities at the delivery location is not known

Increase your customer satisfaction

Reduced administrative load and increased savings, paperless, secure and standardised.
TransFollow allows shippers, carriers and receivers to work with a uniform, secure and standardised interface. Submitting, exchanging, tracking and signing occurs in a completely paperless manner. All parties benefit due to better communication, reduced administration and faster handling at a lower cost. 

Lower your IT-costs

Integration of TransFollow in your proprietary software solutions, your TMS, FMS and or ERP systems, saves on redundant and double applications, reducing your overall IT-costs.
One integrated solution, optimizing your transports, eliminating processing costs for documentation, filing and retrieval. Real time insight in delivery times, legal compliant digitally signed documentation relating to transports.

The benefits of the e-CMR

Various legal issues concerning road transport in Europe are governed by the United Nations Convention for the carriage of goods, the CMR (Convention relative au contrat de transport international de Marchandises par Route). It was signed in May 1956 and entered into force in 1961, with 55 parties acceding to it. 

The benefits of the e-CMR
• A digitised transport chain requires less paper, so it is better for the environment
• e-CMR saves on printing costs
• The electronic application is multi-langual, facilitating international transport and controls by national authorities
• Electronic documents are cheaper to process, with no costs implied for archiving
• Currently, paperwork gets processed only when drivers return to the office, whereas electronic documents can be handled in real-time
• Improved supply chain visibility with electronic consignment notes could help enforce European laws, such as those on cabotage


Ratified countries status e-CMR

Follow the LinkedIn group e-CMR - The digital consignment note to learn and be aware of the e-CMR. We also advice you to read the e-CMR page of the IRU.

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That is why TransFollow!
Eliminate communication barriers and failures in the logistics chain. Use a standardized platform for shippers, carriers and receivers. TransFollow: the digital e-CMR solution that offers more transparency, real time insight and increases efficiency and quality!